Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October, Letter "O" and lots of orange

Another month October, which starts with this week's letter "O" and this months color "orange"
This morning Lily practicing tracing lines like these "w" strokes  She is doing well with holding a pencil and tracing

 It's time for the file folders to come out of the box.  Hyrum was matching the fall leaves with the numbers.  He did not have any trouble with this activity.
 Janaye tried a harder puzzle today.  They have all gotten used to the easy ones and those will be put away as they increase in their abilities. She needed a little help but is learning to match colors, side peces and shapes
 Lily also tried the fall leaves activity and did very well
 Janaye matched the various shapes to the pictures with no trouble at all and repeated the shapes to me as she removed them to put them away
 Hyrum had no trouble finding the shapes to match with the picture
 Lily chose the cat in the hat pointer today to show us the new month which has two "o"s.  She also placed the number two on the calendar properly and we were able to sing a little more of the days of the week song


As I mentioned before, each day we will go over the spelling of their names with their tiles until they can spell them all by themselves.  They are close, but not complete.

I then gave each of the children a paper with an uppercase and a lower case "O".  They were to decorate them with fall leaves, orange circles and we attempted to use the hole punch for smaller holes, but I had to do that as we realized their little hands are not at the point where they can squeeze the hole punch.
 Lily still has a heavy hand and tends to squeeze a little too much glue out of the bottle, but that all comes with time.
 I had them place all of their decorations on first to make sure that each had just the right amount of things on their papers.  Each one has his or her own design

 And of course, I made one for them to see how it can be done.
Miss Jo read them a couple of books to get some of their wiggles out
 They especially liked the Halloween bugs.
Janaye was the first to display her "show and tell" (even though this is only Tuesday, they get a little excited about telling about their things)  She told us the color, where she got it, and what she puts into it to carry
Hyrum brought his hard hat, and when asked if girls wore a hat like that, he very quickly said "Girls do not wear a hard hat!"  Well, they do, if they work where something might fall on her head.
Lily got a new backpack and so she told us about it.
When we came back from play time the kids were given activities to help strengthen their fine motor skills.  Hyrum is putting the pegs in the holes..  Soon he will be able to have cards that he will be able to follow the pattern

 Lily was given shape cards and she could tell shape, color and how many of each there were.
Janaye was able to clip the little plastic clothes pins to a card.  This is not always easy to do, but she has that mastered.

 Two more books were read

And then they were able to pick one more activity to do before parents came
Janaye chose to string the colored bears and was a little upset when her ride came a little early to pick her up and so she will have that to do the first thing Thursday

The day passes too quickly and the children are having fun with new things to do and learn.  They are still a little quiet about things, but I am sure that they will soon feel comfortable with each other.  Another good day at Preschool.  Let's talk about the Letter O and the things around us that use that letter, as well as the color orange.

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