Thursday, December 13, 2012

Candy canes and holly wreaths

File folder games is a good way to see if the children know colors, shapes, numbers and letters.  We passed this and other ones around so each got a chance to see what they could do.

We talked about the letter E and the story of how the elephant with his satiable curiosity got his trunk.
The fable "The Elephant's Child" and put the pictures in order as we read the story.

 We talked about the sound of "E" and it has almost an "aaaaah sound.  We cut out the words to match the pictures cat, elf, leg, sled, eggs, and flag   the children are beginning to sound out the words now and are learning how to spell.

Santa is coming and B wore a santa hat to show here jumping rope for sharing time
We put holly leaves on a green paper plate and wrote "H" is for Holly.  They took them home to decorate their house for Christmas

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The children started with a clear plastic cup, water, and a candy cane…

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First we took out the candy cane to see if there was any change it it.

 We placed the cups to the center of the table so we could watch to see what changes occurred.  Holly noticed that the water had changed to pink and now the candy canes were all white.  The candy canes were also shrinking

After a break for a snack and play time we came back to observe that all of the candy canes had disappeared it took about a half an hour for the small candy canes to dissolve. We learned today that things made of sugar dissolve.Another interesting day at PreK.