Thursday, October 3, 2013

Octopus, orange, shapes and Lily's bday

  Everyone was here today and it was interesting how one of the little girls described the class members.  Oh, how fun it is to have these little ones in this class. We started out the day with things that are helping them with their small motor skills.  Somehow I did not get them on film this morning.  Sorry, but the first was to put all the shapes into the matching holes of the container.  Next was putting pom poms into little indentations on the top of a pencil box.  The next was to scoop, with a plastic spoon, flat marble like stones, from one container to another.  Then after opening exercises, the pledge, scripture, calendar, days of the week, we cut out the legs and pasted them onto the circle--voila--a cute little Octopus.yet another exercise with using the glue stick and scissors.

 Lily even drew the O's on her paper---
 I just showed it to her once and she did it all by herself

 then they wanted to hang them on the wall til time to go home

Our little caterpillar had the numbers out of place so they went from 1 to ten and put them where they were supposed to be.
Miss Jo told them a story about a scarecrow and how the farmers wife made him.  They got a chance to help build him and had fun finding out about his job in the field

Then we took orange paper and foam shapes and each of them made designs on their papers, telling us who would be the recipient of their creations!
 Hyrum was very methodical about his picture
 Joey made this one and decided that he did not like it, so took all the shapes off and started again

 Janaye slowly found the shapes she wanted to use
 Sammy chose a snowman, some hearts, a cross ( he explained was about Jesus) and several other shapes
Then we traced over the lines and named the animals whose names began with the letter "O"  otter, ostrich, oxen and octopus  Once again, we slipped the papers in a plastic cover and traced.  These papers did not go home.
After this activity, we went to wash our hands, have our snack, and play time.  Lily has a birthday tomorrow, so she brought and handed out a special treat for the kids.  We sang Happy Birthday to her, and I even found some juice boxes to celebrate.  One of the children wondered why there was no ice cream.  Sometimes I have to remind them that this is just a snack--not  a party!!Then it was time for show and tell and Joey brought this snake to show us.  He explained it was a rattlesnake, but if  you look closely you can tell that it looks more like a cobra.  He could not be convinced
 Sammy brought a martial arts action figure and eh explained the various moves this guy can make
 Janaye brought her orange (monkey) orangatang and some oreo cookies and Hyrum brought his Bob the builder yellow hard hat.
 The last few minutes were giving some safety tips.  Miss Jo had them stop drop and roll and we explained why we would do that.  Then we talked about  how we would get out of the house __if__:  we crawled ou our hands and knees through the room, down the hall, and out the door going out to the sidewalk by the street, so they would know where they would need to go to be away from any fires.
We also talked about Halloween safety and to be safe they needed to LISTEN to their parents, carry a flash light and only cross the street with an adult.  They would also need to have their parents check their treats before they could eat any, just to make sure the candy was not bad for them  Each was given a book about safety in the home too.  Sparky's Safety Book
Another day in Preschool and lots of action going on.  Sorry I don't get all the pictures--but when I am in the middle of everything, something has to go---
Remember October break is next week so there will be a week off for the blogging!

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