Thursday, May 1, 2014

This week went well, but believe me, other teachers will agree, the kids are getting tired of school.  I have heard a little too much complaining about not wanting to do whatever I have prepared.  Two more weeks.  Will they survive??
Show and tell ususally comes first so that we can settle down. Here Sammy is showing us his Star Wars Angry Bird mat.

 Janae brought this acorn for us to see

Angry birds!! AND Star Wars!! Are a big hit with Hyrum
Then on to our Nursery Rhyme activity They were given a  four piece puzzle that "put Humpty Dumpty together again!
We pasted the poem to the bottom of the page, first, because the kids tend to put everything very close to the bottom, on their own.
 It took a few minutes, but Sammy had his Humpty together, with a few band aids, and added eyes and a mouth
 Janaye put her Humpty together again
We talked about the short sound of vowels and worked on this sheet to see what they could do.  The younger ones had a little trouble, but the older ones did very well

 Getting close to the end of the school year and they are working to be able to get their prizes for good behavior.  Sammy is always thoughtful of others and his card fills faster.  An example, today we were going to color a picture.  He went to the crayon table and brought back four little cups with the various colors he thought they would need.   Thoughtful!!Then we played bingo, and if they could tell me all the letters on their cards, they could keep the m&ms for themselves, but if they could not, they had to give the candy to me.  I did not get many for myself because they work harder when they know there is a prize!!
At the end of our day, Jo Dee read two books to the kids. These are pop out books that hold their interest and are not only entertaining but teach.

Today ( thursday) we started the day with a deck of playing cards.  We divided the cards into suits, two red, two black.  When that was done, I had them start one suit at a time with the King, Queen, all the way down to the ace.  It was interesting to hear them talk about the King is higher than the ten, or jack, etc.  It shows that some parents are playing with their children and helping them to recognize what numbers are higher are of more value than the others.  Good going, parents!!

Today was May Day and although we do not typically celebrate it as in past years, our preK had a good time making their own version of the May Pole and dancing around the one holdingit. They liked wearing the May Day crown, too.

 We concluded the day with coloring all of the circles in the circus clown pictures.
 Lily if coloring her clown, too
It was a busy day, as always and a Happy May Day was had by all.  they got to dance and wave those ribbons around and have a good time.
On to the MONTH of MAY and graduation.