Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Fun!!

Once again this backward blog--our books for the day!!  Sorry for the inconvenience, folks, but I have worked on this way too long already!!  A spooktacular Halloween day for our PreK's

This is Janaye on the mats

 Lily on the balancing beam
Joey and Janaye at the  fishing pond
For some reason these three top pictures will not go into place on the blog, so you will get this preview of Sam getting his donut  then Lily, then Janaye

          This morning Sam and Joey's Mom came to help and it was fun showing her some of the things our class can do.
The playroom was ready for the festivities and the kids were all anxious to get started but we had beginning
exercises to do.  This is our donut bobbing activity
 streamers into the playroom
 tumbling mats
 balancing beam
 With all the excitement, Janaye wanted to show her "show and tell" skeleton.  She named parts of the body and told us about this little guy
 We worked on the upper case D with black and the lower case with orange

 Sam was the first to finish his letter
 Meanwhile down in the playroom this beanbag mouse was waiting for the kids
 along with the fish pond
 And pinning the boo on the ghost
 and what fun this tornado roll was

 Here are the Johnson boys in their Halloween shirts

 Here's our cowboy

 We made these cool ghost masks with the cotton balls on them  
 Cute mask and The Johnson boys Mommy and sister Seneca
 more masks--Lily and Hyrum
 Lily's Mom sent treat bags for our snack today--Thanks Mom  They were great
 On to the donut bobbing  and what fun!!
 Here i am holding it for them
 Joey gets his turn--No hands, Joey 

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