Friday, March 29, 2013

Eggs, Eggs, jelly beans

The question of the day "Are we having an egg hunt today??  Why of course, but we need to settle down and get a few things done first. 
First we matched upper case to lower case with the plastic eggs.  That was fun for everyone! Then we told the story of the Savior, His baptism, feeding the 5,000, the entry into Jerusalem, the death on the Cross, and the resurrection.  I hope this story is told in their homes.  That is the true meaning of Easter.  HE LIVES!!

 Now we are going over three letter words pointing out that there has to be a vowel  in the middle to make these words.  Sounding out the words will help them to better recognize the sight words and every day words
Then we knew if we were to get our "show and tell" activity done, we needed to take this time
Ivy showed her cute little puppy
Brigham brought this hard plastic jet and a "gem" that he found

Brook showed us her flip flops that were put into the garage and almost forgotten.  But, she says this is one of her favorite pairs of shoes
Avery showed us a Japanese lantern she and her friends made
  Remember the eggs that we put into the vinegar??  Well, the shell had dissolved, and each of the children were given a chance to hold and feel it, with directions not to squeeze or drop it.  Then the big splash!!, Yup, a little too tight a squeeze showed us that the eggs had not been in the vinegar long enough, so the second one went back into the jar for a few more days.

 Guess who got "egg on his face"  so to speak?
We get ready for the "hunt 

To the back yard and "away we go"   They were each given a plastic bowl to collect the eggs, then were told to find only one particular color, bring it back to the center of the yard and place the eggs into their plastic bag.  When that was done, they were then given another color and it proceeded that way til all the eggs were found.

Avery's Mom came to help us out today!! What a fun way to visit
 We looked through the jelly beans and put them into colors
 Sammy looked through his basket to see what he got

Ninety eggs in the basket and lots of fun gathering them, getting out the candies, counting them, and just a fun time
Happy Easter to all

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Letters X Y and Z and fun things for me

This morning after we had our opening activities, we decided that we would just get the wiggles out of the kids and played a game that is called, The Body Game
Each child would roll a dice, then draw a card and if they could act out the actions listed on the card, they got to turn over one of  the numbered body part puzzle piece.  Some of the actions listed were:
 Pat head and rub tummy
 make self as small as possible
 Make self as tall as possible
 kneel on one knee and clap hands five times
 put classmates in row according to height

Then we played a sight word game to have them practice their words.
Next we made the "straight Line" letters out of chop sticks, which included A, F, H, I, K, L, M, N, T, V, W, X, Y, Z

Before our break we read together an easy read book by the title Rub-A-Dub Suds  Each child was given a word and each time they saw the word, they had to repeat it.  I thought it was a lot of fun!
We ended the day by listening along with a book titled "What was that"
all in all, it was another good day at GranJan's PreK and we all had fun practicing the things we have been learning this year.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jonah Jumped

Today started off with our usual opening. The kids appear to know the pledge, calendar, western states, the scripture. They started off by showing me, with their hands, some of the letters they have math. 

Since the kids were already hyper, I thought that they might like to work on a little math.  I have a drawer full of little things, bears, dinosaurs, eraser shapes, snakes, etc.  I had them take 20 of the items. First I had them put all 20 of them in one row; then I had them put 10 in each row; then we counted how many of each thing we had and when we finished we counted them to see if they added 20 items.  Then we took away a few at a time and counted the remaining  items and if there were 3 taken from 20 we surmised that there were now 17 so 17 +3 =20, and so on until we were down to just one item.  They had a lot of fun doing this and I think that I will do it again soon (especially with all these little things to count and play with,and of course they wanted to take them home---NO!)

After we worked in our books doing "J" activities and "H", we went for snacks and play time.  When we got back to the school room, we played a game of Number Bings (using skittles and m&m's for markers)
AND then we read a book about Jonah and they each made a "large" fish who swallowed Jonah.  We discussed the book and they knew who Jonah was, a prophet of God. But we could not remember the words to the song
It was another fun day at PreK at Gran Jan's   Next week we are off for spring break  See you then!!  Remember we will be working on the letter X

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tuesday morning we got out our salt boards so that we could practice writing our letters.  I just called out letters at random for them to write and it seemed to work out just fine. 

Then there was clean up and everyone wanted to use the vacuum cleaner  Make a mess,clean it up, and salt was a messy thing
This also gave me an opportunity to show them various ways of getting the salt off the table and back into the plastic bags
Human letter "J"   One backward  one right!! Lots of fun

Paper work   The first was patterning jungle animals  giraffe, rhino, elephant  cut and paste

The next was a jaguar in the center with jellybean shapes and inside them pictures of things beginning with "J" And the last was the house that jack built  I hope the poem arrived home safely so they could recite it to their families. And then there was jiggly juice jello!!