Thursday, February 23, 2012

Week ending 23 February letter "W"

This week we learned the letter "W" for watermelon. We read this book Worm's Wagon and just how many friends he had with associated words beginning with W. Maybe your kids can tell you the story.

We talked about the weather and made these charts for them to tell the family what kind of a day to expect. Hope your's gets used

Jack is really improving with his focus, cutting and quiet skills.

Devin is showing us how good he is getting at cutting
Jack likes the color orange

Oakley shows off his completed weather chart
We went outside to figure out what kind of weather we are having today. Yes, there were clouds in the sky but they were the white "friendly" ones. So we decided it was a "sunny" day.
The boys wanted to make the human "W" so the next two pictures shows them as a "W"

Playtime is always fun, though it gets a little loud and messy!

Two new toys are getting well used--the batman cave with action figures and the barn!!
All in all we had another good week. The kids are getting better at recognizing their letters and numbers. They are getting along well for the most part and we are concentrating on keeping the noise level down.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Valentines Day was tuesday and we used that theme, which meant working with letters, numbers and conversation hearts, and hearts, and hearts, and hearts.
Here is Devin working at patterning the colors of the hearts. I think they had a good time working together and exchanging goodies as well as valentines. Another good week!

Oakley works on his chart, too and patterns the hearts

Rockwell shows the heat necklace we made
This is one of the charts that was patterned and then at the bottom of the page each of the colors were counted

And this was an alphabet lotto where the lower case letters were matched up with the upper case. Always learning, while having fun

Thursday, February 9, 2012

On Tuesday one of the things we did was weave different colored ribbon through the holes on this little grill. Jack showed that he was able to do it quickly and was proud of his work. We also heard the story about Vam the Vampire and how she rode her vacuum on vacation to the Valentine Valley She learned how to make vases and found Violets to put in the vase to give to her friend Vera Vampire. Lots of V's for our letter of the week

This week we learned the letter V and made a valentine out of the V by putting the letter three laying down at the top of the V. We worked on a worksheet and circled words that begin with that letter. We also worked on the sounds of vowels and played a game with three letter words with the short sounds of the vowels. The children are slowly learning. We ended the day with playing number bingo. Prizes were given out for those who are working the hardest to learn!!

Each week, the children are given chores to do. It might be to say the prayer, the pledge, be a line leader, put the numbers on the calendar, talk about the weather or just be a helper with the snacks. Today, Rockwell was the line leader and when the child has that chore, he can ask others to help with the snacks. Rockwell, Oakley, and Devin were major players, but Jack and Tara also helped. Oakley was putting an ocean puzzle together
Devin works on a paper circling the letter V words

Jack also likes to put together puzzles
It took Tara awhile, but she got this big puzzle of the fruits together.
The end to another week!! Not many letters of the alphabet left!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day, 2012

This week, the letter we worked with is the letter "P".These first pictures show the calendar with the groundhog coming out of his burrow. Yes, finally a preschool day that falls on groundhog day and we were able to do all of the fun activities about Phil the Groundhog. Wealso read the books that talk about the shadow, hibernating, the coming of Spring and Phantastic Phil (the groundhog) and the statues they have in Punxsutawney, Pa that show all the fun ways that Phil performs as dentist, librarian, fireman and bellhop, just to name a few. If you are interested go to the Phantastic Phil website and it will tell you all about them. So the end of yet another week at Preschool!
These first two pictures are of Devin

Oakley--February is here!!, see the groundhog on his right
These next three pictures show the boys pointing to the letters along with its picture, that show the alphabet. We sing the alphabet song as they point to the letters so they can actually recognize the letter associated with the ones they sing. This is Rockwell
This is Devin
this is Oakley
Each paper that they work, they are required to put their names at the top right hand corner of the paper. They have come a long way on this one. They are even writing their names forward, instead of backwards.
They had to match up one of the circles on the bottom of the page that matched the open circle on the page. They did very well at this!
They each had a Phil the groundhog mask and were able to come out of the burrow to see the shadow for prognosticating the next six weeks of winter.
Oakley and Rockwell both got to choose a prize and they chose centipedes and in the next two pictures they pretended that they were eating them. Uch!! Boys!

On Tuesday, we worked on the letter P with the Penguin theme. We matched cards with pictures of penguins (lower case) with snowflakes (upper case) We also played this penguin game where they choose a card and then have to feed the penguin the number of fish that appear on the card. The first one to get rid of their fish is the winner and Tara won this game. It is always fun to have a challenge