Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday April 26, 2012

These boys were afraid of all the lightning and thunder that was goin on and so they sat very close to each other and to me for the snacks today 

 This is the street in front of our house
 And the bushes next door blowing in the wind
 The missionaries came to save the day, but they could not come in without a priesthood holder in the family, so the boys and I joined them on the porch and gave them a snack of pretzels and water.
There was a demonstration of how to make clouds.  I boiled water in a pan with a lid on it.  The steam rose to make the clouds  We moved it off the heat, lifted the lid and the water dripped from the lid causing our rain.  This was a demonstration of what certain clouds looked like.  Another good preschool week!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 The 22nd was Earth Day and so we spent this week doing things that pertained to the earth.  On Monday we talked about the creation of the earth and each day what was created.  We went out in the neighborhood and picked up trash (litter) to keep our area nice and clean.
 Here are the bags that we used to pick up the litter.  After we went through them and discussed the items and how they could be harmful to the environment and wild life.
 This is a booklet distributed a few years ago by Bashas to help the children learn what things they need to put into the recycle bins
 We are also working on recycling plastic eggs.  This time we used them to put the sight words so that as each one is opened the kids can figure out what the word is.   We also had some that we used for addition and for upper and lower case alphabet letters.

 Above all the other things that are in the playroom down stairs, these costumes are the favorites with these kids. We have the tiger, the alligator and the dog.  And some even like to slide down the stairs in these costumes.  Well, as long as they are having fun, right??

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 9-12, 2012

This week we went on a picture scavenger hung. This was the first picture and this is where we stopped, meditated, said the pledge, and began our hunt. Unfortunately we chose a very warm day to be out in the fresh air, because it got very tiring and sweaty for all of us. With that note, I will guide us along the route down 7th street, onto Horne, down 6th place, then Olive over to 6th Street and back. I think on the long run, the boys had a good time. I hope they learned a few things about the way nature acts this time of year.

On Horne, at the Dunaway house these beautiful flowers climbed over the block fence.
On to 6th place and Devin had this picture to find, so he got to stand by it so he could prove he had spotted it.
It is always good to point out the fire hydrant and explain what they are used for and how our fire department works. Oakley had this picture
Rockwell had this picture. This is Arlene Wights house and she told me that each boy could pick one flower and we were to be sure to look for the racoon, turtle, sprite, worms, and snail that were among the flowers.
Oakley found this odd shaped tree formation

The other boys liked it so much they wanted to have their picture taken here, too.
This is one of the many cactus plants that grow on that street. Jack found it!
This flower was at the corner of the Farnsworths house and Jack ran right to it!

When we got to the end of 6th place and on to Olive, Devin found his first lamppost picture
Turning onto 6th Street at the Montagues we found another beautiful flower this was Oakley's find
And what to our surprise, we found our destination, the park at the townhouses, which we had asked permission to use--the boys were afraid that the police would take them away, but I assured them that we were allowed to be there.
Right across the street Jack spotted one of his pictures, this little cactus garden with the beautiful yellow flowers
As we turned on to Olive, Rockwell spotted this tall palm tree and stood for his picture
Right by the tree were these beautiful flowers and we just had to have a picture of these
On the corner of 7th and Olive is this pine tree and nice shade, which all the boys were in dire need of because they "were dieing"
A neighborhood alert sigh. Oakley found this in front of the Miles house.
And, finally we have our house in sight but not before Jack had this picture to sign off

Now where was the last picture to be found?? Well, Oakley was the first to find the front window with the blue glassware. Our final destination!! A hot day, but I think they did have fun.

Then we all went inside and cooled off with a little snack with juice and then got in the mood for our marshmallow, speghetti and toothpick creations. Here are Jack and Devin beginning to test their skills.

Rockwell named his the red protector spider Oh yes, we got out the red food coloring and made orange with it so we had a good time with painting the objects, too
Oakley said his was a skeleton

As the red protector spider progresses
Oh, yes, we had some malted eggs left over and the boys just had to paint their lips cute, huh?
pretty blue smile
this is Devin's Robot castle
Another blue smile

Oops he was tired of painting and poured the paint
Another blue smile
Jacks Roller bebee guys
And of course I had to get in on the project. I did not give mine a name, though
We spent a few minutes on catching up on our letter books
somehow we missed letters k and l
Then on to our volcano experiment. It all happened so fast, I never did get a good picture of all the excitement, but the boys loved it!!

Pouring in the vinegar
If you blinked you missed it!

We tried it about four time with each boy and every time was as exciting as the last one.
Then on to the jellybean sorting--math, you know
Then the tasting of each color to see which one we all liked the best. I think the white ones won!
and then because they were all so good that day they got more zoo animals to take home
Devin says a thumbs up on that!! And to the end of yet another week at GranJan's preschool