Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frog, fun, fun, fun

Today we started our activities in our centers  Some of the kids did the sewing cards  We also did the stringing of the teddy bears, the wheels with clothes pins  to match to colors, shapes, and numbers
We also had the peg boards and patterned

 Today was a lesson on listening to instructions and they did very well.  We first placed the circle aside, then the wooden stick  We folded the circle first.  Then we attached these four legs.  Next the craft stick was attached to the back to create a puppet.  We then added the tongue (learning that rolling it onto a pencil would make it curled)  Then we added the eyes

 Each little frog has its on character

 Then we moved into the kitchen where I showed the kids a red cabbage, and how it looked after boiling it.
We strained the purple liquid into a bowl and divided it on to small plates  The first one we added an alka seltzer
 the second was baking soda
 the last was lemon juice
 And the very last one was vinegar

 We had our snacks and then had play time.  Two of the kiddoes had to go home early so that gave us 4 and a lot of games are for just four, so we played a memory game.
 And  a dinosaur dominoes.  We all had fun
Another fun, fun, fun day at prek- - - - -

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Practice, practice, practice

From now til the end of the school year, we will be practicing what we have learned Today, we worked on many things:

At centers today, each of the children were able to accomplish a different thing . Patterning,and  matching
with different things but accomplishing the same thing.
Then we worked with numbers and had to fill in the amount that was indicated at the beginning of the line.  They all did very well

We took this time to have our show and tell  Cooper brought his dart
 Brigham brought his fire truck and we talked about all of the things on the truck that help the firemen save lives and houses.
 One of the favorite things to do is the balance game where they have to balance and at the same time hit the colors that the little voice commands them.  They have REALLY made progress in this

When we went to the kitchen for snacks, I showed them something that they really squealed and laughed about.  I took hot water from the kettle  and poured it into the plastic bottles and then quickly removed the water and put on the cap.  First came the crackling then the big pops when the bottles started to curl up

 The pops got a little loud for the girls
 But the lack of oxygen sure collapsed the bottles
When we came back from free time, we worked on sight words, spelled a few, then read the books that we have been reading the past couple of days to learn the sight words.  One thing they really like is when we try to find the hidden pictures.

Another good day at preK.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Readin' writing' rithmatic

Our days are busy from the beginning to the end and Tuesday was no different.  Because we all did not have time to use the various "centers" we had fun with them again this day.  Then we started the morning with a cutting exercise.  They are getting very good with this, but practice practice, practice is the thing.

 Then, I put some items into a couple of bags and handed one to Brigham, first.  He poured each of the items onto the table, then thought a few minutes and started to tell us his story.  There were two different dinosaurs in the bag along with a piece of string and four craft sticks, a flag , two jewels, and four green soldiers.  His train of thought was no where near what I would have done with these items, but he sure had a story to tell.

 Then I handed the next bag to Avery.  In her bag was a snowman on a sled, a yarn snowball, a kaliedoscope,  Once again, I would have gone another direction, but each had a cool story to tell us about.
 I have been reading "easy read" books lately to get them to sound out the words.  This ah-choo book was lots of fun  We will read it again Thursday to see if they can remember the words they have already said.
 The kids really had a good time with the Boggle junior.  Each team was given four words to spell, such as dog, cat, car, bird, duck, etc and they needed to find the letters to spell the word, then tell me the word.  It was a great success.

 The boys made a good team, too
We practiced our song today and used musical instruments to get some of their wiggles out.  They sure had a good time and so did I.   Another great day at the Pre K.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

puzzles, eggs, fine motor skills and comprehension skills

While rounding up the kids for the beginning of our Pre K day, I put some of the learning activities on the table.  First there was a puzzle with the two hands.  They were to put them in order of how many fingers we have on each hand.  We sang the song Where is thumbkin", looked at the numbers on the fingers and came to the conclusion that on two hands we have ten fingers.
The alphabet puzzle was next  The hardest letters to put in correctly are "d", "p" "q" and "b" but the kids really did a good job

The perfection game was one they all wanted to finish
Then there were the transportation puzzles
Cooper liked attaching shaped wooden blocks together to make his design
We had plastic eggs that on one half is a number like 12 and on the other half are all the numbers, when added together, add up to 12. For instance 9 = 3=12, 8 =  4= 12, etc. So, we took some of our little figures and added numbers that added up to 12

When we came back to the preschool room after our break, we tested out our fine motor skills by having 4 different sizes of nuts and bolts to put together.

Then I read a story to them about Mary and Pat going to a carnival.  I have little tongue depressors with questions on them to ask the children.  It is important that they understand what they have heard and if a situation is given, they need to be able to help solve it.  These kids know how to listen and were able to answer the questions.

And then we flashed the alphabet cards and whoever got the most called out first, was given a prize.  Recognition of the alphabet letters is paramount.  Some are still struggling, but we are moving right along.

Always a lot of action going on at Pre K and a lot of excitement  Today two of the kiddoes got prizes for filling their charts--Sammie and Avery
Aaah  another week gone and not many left in this session.