Sunday, September 29, 2013

More fun with letter C

The weather is changing and so are the attitudes of the children.  We have been in school almost a month now and some of the excitement has worn off.  Their attention span is a little longer, and now we can move things along a little faster.
When the kids get here in the morning, the first thing they usually go to are the puzzles, but on this morning there was something else to pique their imagination. S and J found the geoboard and they really had a fun time making shapes of all kinds.
Hyrum went a little slower through the calendar activity and the kids are repeating the days of the week and singing their little song.  We talked a little about how the weather is changing and how that affects the changes in temperature, too.  Appropriatel H has the Cat in the hat pointer, as today we will talk a little about "The Cat".
This first activity the upper and lower case "C" is written.
 Their job was to take the circles, and first put the circles over the upper case "C"
 They caught on to this with caution
 yet were able to locate the correct one
 Lily was able to find the right ones with a little help
Then they were to follow the dotted lines connecting Curious George
 Joey has his own way of following the lines but he gets it done
 I think Hyrum was the fastest and does a good job!
 Lily also gets her tracing better each time we do it.
 Our next activity was finding the correct shapes that appear on his hat and put the matching piece on his tummy. These kids know their shapes!
 Show and tell is always their favorite and they can hardly wait to tell the class about what they brought.  Sam and his family went camping and found this strawberry plant.  He hopes to see  it grow and make strawberries.
 Hyrum brought his big brother's fire truck
 Lily brought her soft, fuzzy "lamby"
 Joey brought his robot
 Janaye brought a telephone
 We then got to roll two dice.  One with numbers from 1-6 and the other die different colors of fish.
When they rolled, they were to put the number of the color of fishes into the fish bowl.  They wanted to put as many as they wanted and the colors, but we finally got them to count the number, then one by one the fishes went into the bowl.  I think this is one game we will play again and again.
We played bingo matching pictures beginning with the letter "C" such as camel, cookies, corn and cat
And to quiet them down at the end of our day, we read the book Copy Cats
An other fun day at preK.  Sorry this is late, but my camer needed to be recharged and I totally forgot when that got done to post.  It is fun to watch the kids interact now and friendships that are happening.
Another reason I love teaching these kids!

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