Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"D". dogs, dinosaurs and ducks

What a Day!! some times the kids just want to do what they want to and there is no way to get them back in line.  Today was one of those days!!
We are working on the letter "D" this week and d is for dinosaur.  Everyone knows that!!  So, we put some books about dinosaurs on the table for the kids to look through until we could begin our day.
After opening exercises, Miss Jo read the Detective Dog and the Disappearing Doughnuts and the kids tried to repeat back the words with the "da" sound.
 we wrote the D in the air and then I pulled out this sheet for them to actually to write the letters following the dotted lines.  This is not a must, but it does help them start to recognize better the letters
 Lily does well--then she begins to use the "orange" pencil to color the pictures at the bottom of the page
 This is their first experience with the colored pencils and they really like them
 Hyrum moves right along
 Joey finishes his
 Then we made dinosaur puppets with paper bags

Miss Jo read a book about dinosaurs and each child had been given a picture to try to find in the book as she read.  They spotted their pictures along the way

 As Miss Jo showed this picture, Janaye realized that it was her copy
 We had another picture with two different versions.  They were to find six things that were different from the other picture.
 This is to help them observe differences in the pictures
 The younger ones found it a little frustrating.
Next ws show and tell and Joey and Sammy brought cars

 We used water colors to paint these little dog pictures.  To introduce them to the brushes and paints

Back to a story with the Duck that liked to Daydream

And this book

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