Thursday, October 17, 2013

Goose and ghosts and gorilla

We are finishing up with the letter G and so this morning the very first thing that we did was to make a goose from a paper plate.

 Each goose had different colored feathers and were unique to each child
Then we had a practice sheet where the kids tried to make the C, O, and "G" letters beside the picture of a thing that begins with those letters. This is not an easy thing for this age child, but they made their best effort.  It will be interesting to see how they progress as we go along.

Then, because we give each child a number vest, we hid the foam halloween shapes with their number on them and they had to find their number. And we also held up each letter we have learned to see if they could remember them.  Everyone did very well
We are still learning to use our small motor skills.   Here Lily is putting the shapes into the container
 Janaye is counting out the number of items in her carton. Hmm 4 June bugs, 2 bunnies, etc. . . .
 Joey has little cars, dinosaurs and buttons
 Sam and Hyrum put the big paper clips in to the right divided area.  There were several colors and each place held another color.
Next they were given halloween cookie cutters to trace their shapes.  They found that if they used black paper, a white crayon really helped in highlighting the shapes.
 Look how well Lily holds her crayons!!
 Sam liked the bat
The kids love reading time and Miss Jo read this "G" book Gorilla, Be Good!! 
She also did finger plays with them.  One was the chocolate chip ghost, one was a poem about a ghost

And their new favorite game is Stop and Go.
Another week gone by and hopefully a good one for the kids.  Lots of fun at preschool and lots of mischief!!
I think Halloween is Coming!!

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