Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Letter L activities

Today we had a visitor, one of the children I taught last year, Lillie was with us.  It is always fun to see how the kids, who have been here, have changed and what they remember.
Of course, the first thing that we do is the pledge, recite our scripture, John 3:16, the calendar, the weather, and then proceed with activities of the week.    We usually make something that we use our skills with scissors, glue, glue sticks, small and large motor skills.
This morning we made lion masks.  I am always amazed, even though I set out various pictures of what a lion is to look like, How the kids come up with colors of their own.  I don't remember a lion being red white and blue
We had a work sheet with pictures of various things that start with the letter and its sound, such as legs and arms  which has the  illll sound??
We played a game with a picture of a leopard with its many spots, and on some of the spots were numbers and letters  They laced a skittle on the letters as I called them out.  They are getting better each week with recognizing their letters I read them a book about"Where is Sam" andthey would lift a door to show Sam dressed in various costumes, such as a clown, r an alligator.  They had fun with that.
Then I told them the fable of the Lion and the mouse.  The lion captured the mouse and the mouse pleaded to be let go.  The Lion laughed, but eventually let the mouse go.  The mouse said that one day he would help the lion and it was so. The lion was caught when the hunter tossed the netting over it.  The lion could be heard all through the jungle, and the mouse came to his rescue.  It chewed the strings of the net and the lion could escape.  Moral  of the story: even the smallest of friends is worthwhile.
We did a Halloween activity where I had the children use press pins to make a ghost on black paper to put on our windows.  They are getting better at this activity, too.
Well, that was our day.   Unfortunately I can not down load pictures, AGAIN so this is my best!
Preschool is always challenging and lots of fun

Friday, October 17, 2014

Spiders and skeletons

Since it will be Halloween soon we chose to use the letter "S" to represent spiders and skeletons  We talked about the various ways we can make a web and they tried to make them.  Each child did their own thing with the web on their pages.Here are the spiders that are hanging from the letter "S"
 Chase shows his orange spider ring and the spiders he was to cut in a small square and past to the letter "S"
 We had some silly faces to go with the spiders
 This activity shows the head or tail in the shape of the S   They were to match it to its companion page

a headless snake, a skunk with no tail, a squirrel with no tail and a swan with no neck and head.

We made these cute skeletons with q tips for the body parts.  If you this you might remember that the q tips with plastic base should be used as they are easier to cut for the smaller parts of the body  The made teeth with white crayons and some even colored the eyes green
 This next activity was to cut out the squares with pictures of objects beginning with the sounds for A as in ant    s as in skunk   g as in goat   and o as n octopus. 
 Then we played this skeleton game..  They were to roll a five for the head a six for the body a 1 or 2 for arms and 3 or 4 for the body parts.  They are really getting good at keeping the die in control and everyone was a winner and received  (what else) but a spider man sucker.
Another successful pre kinder  day!!

Letter "D

The letter of the week was D and it was a fun filled week.  We read this book to see how many things we could find with the letter D
 played a "d"ice game involving numbers
 dressed up likd dog and dragon
 A guide for tracking dragons
 a match game with various kinds of dragons
 "d"ressed up
 used pastas to make this dinosaur, talked about fossils and different kinds of dinosaurs
 looked at books that had pictures of the many kinds of dinosaurs that have been found and named
 The week went fast and I finally got these pics on line.  Sorry but the process has changed again and I am not good with change