Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday, 26 Jan, 20`1

Today we matched the upper case letters of the alphabet with the lower case. They each one had a set of foam shapes with the upper case written on them. They were to place the upper case on the matching lower case letters. We will be working hard on the letter recognizing between now and the end of school.

Our letter for this week is Letter M and so today we had fun with two things in particular that begin with M. They were each given paper clips, circles and magnetic balls and a big magnet which they used to move the other objects around on the table. They really enjoyed this activity.
Tara watches as she moves the objects around
Devin got his objects to really hop around on the table

Jack was really happy when he figured it out!

We also worked on money-each was given a plastic penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, and a paper dollar. We played a bingo game matching these to the number equivalent. For instance one penny is 1cent, a nickel is 5 cents, and so forth. It was a little frustrating to them, but they liked having their own play money.
All in all, it was a pretty good day!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Jan 24, 2010 A good preschool Day!!

I posted before that I had made these darling felt fish last week. They have washers for mouth so that the little magnets on the fishing pole can "catch" them. One piece of advice if you plan to make some for the kids, I had better luck with the felt decorations than with the jewels, etc. I put the number of each fish on the tails, so they have to learn to sight identify the numbers from 1-12. BUT, no matter how you do it, the kids will love them--at least this group of kids do!! I promised them today if they got their work done they could "fish" and voila, it worked!!

This is my experience with coloring pasta. This is the craft ingredients we used for today, January 24, 2012 RED and Purple
Our letter this week is "M" so the pasta was used to fill in the M This is my sample
Here is Rockwell creating his design and wondering if the pasta would be good to eat--NOT!
This is Oakley's design
Oakley is having a closer look and added a few more things
Rockwell's finished design COOL!
They each got to make a necklace from the pasta, too. Rockwell camoflaughed his, making it this bright red.
Oakley is busily threading his necklace, and he too chose red
While Oakley finished his project (by the way, today only these two boys attended class)
Rockwell cut some scissor exercises and proves that he REALLY has improved in his cutting skills this year.

Ahem, as Oakley finishes his necklace, Rockwell decided he wanted to use the little sweeper to clean the floor around his table. Good job Rockwell!! The kids love using this little sweeper and I encourage the cleanup!!
And Oakley even threaded his own needle while he worked on the necklace--good thing as I could hardly see the "eye" and he performed the little exercise with ease

Another happy day at the preschool!! Thanks, boys, it was a successful day

I came across these cute little fish on one of the blogs and decided I would make some for the preschool. You can see that it was the highlight of the morning. everyone got a chance to fish and were learning their numbers at the same time

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Halloween fun with bobbing for doughnuts, costumes , crafts and games

looks like our lion king
they made haunted houses

Devin is our tiger for the day!
space rangers?
They love darth vader
When we role played little red riding hood, Oakley was Red and Rockwell was the wolf

Crazy as it sounds, the little sweeper is a favorite. They each take turns sweeping up the classroom and this is Oakley having a turnWhen we did our "under the sea" theme, I found this cute curtain for "effect" and we made octupus and other sea creature which we pinned to the "water"
Rockwell shows his mat with the letter "G" made with straight lines and curves
Jack has made his "G" too!
This is our sea creation

We had circus day and they kids all had a ball.

One of the really big hits is when they get to play in the tents!!

Tara is typical little girls and can almost always be found in the kitchen

Preschool started off this year with Jack, Oakley, Rockwell, Devin, and Tara Here's Jack
Here's Tara
Here's Oakley

Tara and the babies
The boys and their toys and they love the weapons!!

One of the biggest fun thing is this tiger costume
Devin checks out the sink