Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Letter G,glitter and go, stop, go

Our first day back from the break and I could tell it!!  The kids were all a little emotional today, but we made it through with only minimal problems.
We started our day with opening exercises and this was the first day they tried to repeat the flag salute together, and I am happy about that!
I put foam halloween shapes on the walls for them to find.  They always like to do that!  Here is a green spider 

 Do you see the orange cat?

We found the "o's" in October and the kids are starting the words down for the days of the week.
I introduced the letter G and we talked about how the upper case G is like a C with a little table on its lap; how the lower case g is like an a with a candy cane at the bottom.  Then we used "glue" and sprinkled "glitter" on the letters.  They were very proud of their project.
 Hyrum is heavy handed and poured  quite a bit of the glitter on his paper

 Lily has the swing of it
 Joey listened to the instructions and once showed, he did really well
 Janaye takes her time and gets it right

 Today was Sammy's birthday and his mother sent cookies to decorate and the kids had a great time decorating their cookie.


 Then down to the play room.  Today they decided to build a tower with the blocks
 Janaye and Joey worked well together

 Then out came the soldiers  Now that is when it gets hard to end playtime!
We came back for the closing.  We played stop and go and they love that
Before they left they earned ring pops and all were happy!!
Whew, we made it through the day!!

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