Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bidding farewell to the children from class of 2012-2013

It is always hard to have the last day of school and this year was my hardest--I got too attached to these sweet kiddoes
I just want them to know how happy I was to have had the opportunity to teach them this year and how much I LOVE THEM
Today was Water day, so the kiddoes arrived with their swim suits and towels and you can guess what the first question was??   When will be get to play in the water??
We looked around the room and remembered the things that we were taught through the year
 Then we sat in front of the fireplace to go over our parts for their parents
 They wanted to have another picture taken, so we tried it again
 I placed the flag on the counter so we could take part in a flag salute  and each child went over the part they were to take in the program for the parents
 Then we went back into the preschool room and worked on decorating their foam visors that were to keep the sun from getting into their eyes--ahem, they totally forgot them when we got outside!
Each one was given stickers and permanent pens  to decorate their visors
Brooklyn was the first to finish  Her favorite color, of course, purple

 Ivy and Sammy worked on their visors  Ivy had a green one and Sammy's was blue

 Avory likes orange, on her pink visor
 Cooper has a green one too
 Cooper had a nice fire truck on his
 The hats completed, we went out side and total chaos with water balloons, sprinklers and water guns
 The boys against the girls,  right??  First thing: learn how to get the water into the gun
 Cooper shows Sammy how to do it
 Avery is on the prowl
She liked to spray others, but was not too happy when they squirted  her back
 Ivy and Brooklyn really had it down pat and shot high into the air hitting the boys with water
 Back inside and getting ready for the program.  Then did the pledge, then we quoted the scripture John 3:16
 They each said the letters and then the sounds of the vowels and all were well learned
We ended with the song "My teacher told me I should never tell a lie"  and again they performed well
Report cards were given out, pictures taken, and cookies eaten.  They all left and it was sad!!  I had to take it all in that "this was our last day together!!"  My heart is empty    My heart is sad   I grew to love these kids and will really miss their mischievous little faces on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Thanks moms for giving me this chance to spend time with your amazing, fun, kids.
Once again, I just have to say, I love helping these little ones learn and I tell them how proud of them I am!!
Moms, please keep in touch
Would appreciate getting a comment once in a while to let me know how they are doing!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Old MacDonald's farm

 We started off the morning with puzzles  This is one we had not tried before, so the kids "co-operated and it was put together in no time at all
 Then we moved on to our "Old MacDonald theme--we mad these cute cows made with paper plates  Brooklyn thought that her cow had stepped in blue paint

 Sammy did a great job on his cow, too

 Brigham liked Brook's blue paint idea, and made his cow with blue lets, too
 Cooper show off his cow, too

 And so does Avery
I found these cute  "cow" bingogames
Avery and Cooper chose the "pig" bingo games
Cooper got the "under the sea" three d book mark as a prize
 Cooper is still working on tying his shoe laces

It was a good week for our preK 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Nursery Rhymes

This past week we talked about things that rhymed; read some books with rhyming words, and learned some words that go along with the rhymes  Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
 Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
 Play time--the kids wanted to play in the tents and mad a little village

 Avery was content to build a house with the blocks
 Everyone wanted to play number bingo

Add caption
 Avery is our birthday girl  and her mom brought by a little present for all her classmates   Happy Birthday to Avery!!

Learning our letters and numbers!!
Another great day in preschool!!  On to another week--Only three to go

Catch up preschool

I have had some trouble getting the pictures to come up on my blog, so this will be a catch up with the kids for the past three weeks.
First of all, we have been watching our garden grow.  We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, cantaloupe bell peppers and something is coming up that we do not know what it is.  Will keep you posted

Then we moved into the kitchen and started a project for Earth day activity.  Here are some red spots, some antennae, and some googley eyes!
 a few paint brushes

 Just take an egg carton, a paint brush and some green paint and what happens
 Brigham and Cooper shared the paint
 Sammy's caterpiller was coming along fine
 My sister , Nancy, was visiting from Texas and was able to join the fun!
On Thursday, we talked more about our world and the kids got to put stickers of the things that they love in our  world.  This one showed a dolphin, a butterfly, bugs, a child, a rose, some corn, carrots and grass.
 The dolphin and butterfly are see in the dark, so each child really loved these
 Yet another things that are liked
 and even hearts
 flowers and koala bears

This was the earth.  We talked about the creation of the world, when the earth was created, what was created each day of the week and that we rested on the 7th day.
   We found the differences between the top picture and the bottom.  Animals
 We talked about night and day.  They looked through the hole into the box and saw that it was dark.  I then opened a little square on the side of the box and flashed light into the box.  Voila, there was light!
 Not a lot of light, granted, but they got the picture
 play time:  there are monsters in the room  screams  running  giggling
 The big yellow monster
 Back to school time--tested our sight words  putting them in alphabet order--saying them out loud.

Just one more week at preK  lots of fun, confusion and laughter