Friday, January 31, 2014

Letter "R" rabbits, rainbows rolling, rhyming

We started out the day with taking rainbow colored ribbons and tying them to a little disc with the centers cut out.

It was a little difficult and each one needed to be helped, but by the time the card had the red, white, blue, yellow, green and purple ribbons attached, they had the hang of it.  One step into learning to tye.
Another "R" word would be rolling.  We got out the play dough and rolled it into shapes--snakes, snowmen,& balls.  And did they ever have fun with that!!

We then worked on a dot to dot A-s picture. This is one of the first times we have attempted this and they did quite well.  It is still hard for them to get straight lines, but they are catching on quickly

 We observed that one of the children had an "R" word on his shirt--quite a find for our little ones!

 We read this book to emphasize the letter R and what words would begin and end with that letter
 And we listened to this book in showing love and feeling love and sharing love.

Lily brought this book for us to enjoy
Another one of the kids got to pick a reward prize today and another incentive to learn their letters, their vowels and good behaviour.  Thanks kids!!  Another good day in preK

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Letter "R" rhyming words and rainbows

This morning started off well with the pledge and the callendar
Then on to the favorite time of the day "Show and Tell"  Sam showed this big tractor and how it dug up the dirt, then shoveled it with the bucket into a waiting truck.  Look at those tires
 Janaye made her some airplanes
 and she also brought this little note pad with its feathery pen
We worked on the colors of the rainbow
And when Sam finished he worked  with the bands making shapes on the geoboard
The last part of the day was Miss Jo's show and tell about her trip to Disney World in Florida.  She showed her pictures of the wild life there--giraffes, elephants, lions, rhinocerous

And she told the rhyming story of Pat and her fat cat
And we also talked about manners--what we should say, when. . . .
We have been spending quite a bit of time with good manners.  I hope that it shows at home. . . .
Lots of good lessons and fun at PreK

Thursday, January 23, 2014

letters "b" and "d" and bears

This morning we started the day off with these alphabet puzzles.  I have a variety of them so that each one of the kids has a different color and either upper case or lower case.  When one finishes with his or hers, they trade and try it all over again.  One of the children had a good time singing the alphabet song along with his puzzle and the others chimed in with him so they were able to put the letters in order.

 I put a box of colored math bears on the table and we graphed how many letter "b" we could get.  When that activity was complete, I had the children put a variety of bears in a row.  For instance, Joey place two red and one green bear in your row, or one yellow and one blue, etc.  Some put them just as I said, another put all the greens together, and yet another mixed them as he wanted  After all the bears were lined up, I then had them put them back into the box; this time all the greens, then all the yellows, etc.  We counted how many each had and who had the most of each color or the most of all  This was a good activity in many ways

 At snack time, we decided we needed to get more food for the humming birds, so I put a 2 cup measure of boiling water on the table, and had them put the sugar in the cup  One of the kids stirred the water and sugar to see what would happen.
 To their surprise, the sugar dissolved and we soon had the clear sugar water for the feeder
 The boys needed an activity and bounced around the island to burn off some energy
 Then we returned to build with the colored "Blocks", making castles and forts for our soldiers and ninjas
 They made towers with these math blocks

 Back to the table for show and tell--H  showed us his light, puzzle and skate board
 While we had other activites, the water cooled for our feeder and we were able to put it outside for our bird friends

We had a maze getting the bear and his balloons to the birthday party.  We had to try a couple of times so we would not cross the lines, but we all finished
And, we completed a paper finding out how many "b"s were read from the cards drawn from the pile.  AND how many "d"s.  We learned how to make letter "b" with our left hand by making a circle with our thumb and pointing finger and sticking the other three fingers straight up.  Then with our right hand we made the "d".  We put them over our eyes and had little glasses--fun!  These two letters are often confused.  Hope it helped them distinguish between the two

 We read This book where it repeated these four words over and over so the kids could chime along

 And the book of the week featuring letter "B"
Another fun day learning, playing and enjoying each other

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Letter "B", Bumble Bee, bugs, beetles, butterflies

Another great preschool day  and opportunity to have the kids play with insects again.
When we are doing some type of craft, we try to do that first so that we have enough time to help each other.  I try to help the older ones first so they can learn how to teach others.
L likes the butterflys
 J likes the beetles

Then I held up the letters that we have been working on so far.  When they answered correctedly,
 I let them push down this little guy, and when the pressure lets loose, the alien pops up. They love it!!
They love making shapes on the geoboards
 They overlap the bands until it is almost impossible to get them untangled
 H shows us his triangles and rectangles
We washed our hands and had our snacks and talked about other "b" words.  Well, they said, bubbles starts with "B".  Well, why not go outside and blow bubbles.  So, I took a cottage cheese container, added a little soap and gave them a straw to see what they would do.  They loved it!!  I poured some soap into a plastic cup and they made  "ice cream cones"
 Here's S with his ice cream cone
We also talked about the word "bake" and decided that we would bake some cookies.  What kind, I say, and of course they wanted chocolate chip cookies.  So  each was given dough to put onto the cookie sheet, and we got the oven up to its temperature and in went the cookies.  We put on the buzzer and went outside to make lots and lots of bubbles!  The smell of baked cookies got the best of us, and of the 24 cookies on the baking sheet, there were not more than a few left over.  Each, of course, had to take a cookie home for their Mommy.
When we came back into the preschool room, Miss Jo read this book to them.
 This little caterpiller was really hungry
 J fed him strawberries, some fed him blue berries
 Some one fed him oranges   They had a good time feeding the caterpiller.  And then, what happened to it??  Well, he spun a cocoon, and one day came out as a beautiful butterfly. 
We had just enough time to play number bingo before the parents came
 And what would we use for markers??  Why flies and beetles
 L used the beetles
 H used some of each
 We had the number board in the center of the table so each could match the called number to their own cards.  Every one was a winner, today
S had filled his little card and so he got to choose a "prize today.  On Thursday the others will probably have their cards filled too.  They get a sticker when they do assigned projects, share, help each other, keep their areas clean  and various other things.  
Another fun day at preschool at GranJan's house!!