Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ants and autumn

Oh, Autumn is in the air--Halloween, too!!
Once again we gave each child a number which they will have Tuesday and Thursday and that will tell  the helping hands assignment and hopefully help them learn the numbers from 1-5

This week's letter is "A" so we repeated all the letters we have had so far.  They all knew all of them and they were rewarded a star for that knowledge
 Next we worked on this worksheet.  The first row they were to put a circle on the upper and lower case A
The next row was octopus and letter "O"  The third row was anteater and again the letter "A"  The next row was a goat and letter "G" and the last was the cat with letter "C"  They all got those right, also
 Lily put a circle around her "a"s
 Janae put her blue circles around the "o"'s
 Hyrum put blue circles  around the "A"
Next, I thought that the kids would love playing in some shaving cream. to make the letters and shapes.  It appears that they do not like to get their hands "dirty" and so this activity will not be used again for a while.
Ms Jo helped them make scarecrows with shapes--rectangle for body, circles for head, hands and feet, a triangle for his hat and his legs are rectangles.  They made funny faces and added dots and hair.
 Lily needed a little help with the stick glue
 Janae  placed the shapes in the right places
 Hyrum likes to make circles with his gluestick
Ms Jo taught them a rhyme about three little ghosts

 AND five little ghosts

Then we got out a pumpkin puzzle and the kids loved working together to see who could find  just the right pieces.

 They really worked well together
We remembered we needed to take chains off the monster to remind us how many days are left until Halloween.  Remember Moms, we will costumes that day!!
We added little ants in the spaces of the template for letter "A"

 We then added smiley faced pumpkins, lady bugs, and animal faces.  This one has the moon, too
 Each placed their stickers where ever they wanted them
 Lily put her ants on all by herself
Janae works slowly to do it just right.

Then we had to find the witch that was different (hint, letter d)
And Ms Jo read them these books:
And the Pumpkin Patch

It was a fun day and just one day closer to HALLOWEEN FUN!!

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