Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Letter "T" ta ta ta, turkeys, turtles Tuesday, Thanksgiving

This morning after opening exercises, We mad a triangle turkey and decorated it with triangle colored feathers.

 Then I I told the kids the letter "T" story about Tricky Turkey and her adventures.She wore a tutu with a tie, she had ten feathers in her tail, two teeth and a tongue.  She was called "Tricky" because she did all sorts of tricks.  She could play a tambourine

and punch out 911 on the telephone with her toes

and she could tumble

 Then we had a worksheet that had words that began with "t" sounds such as tiger, toothbrush
 taco and television
 the sheets were put inside a plastic cover so that they could circle the pictures, wipe them off and put them away for another time.

We talked about the story of Tom  Turkey learning about Patience
 This is what Tom looked like at the end of the story
 When Tom got angry or upset, the strangest thing happened to him.  At one time he turned pink as a petunia because he was so happy
 One time Tom became so angry that he turned as red as a tomato

blue because he grumbled and complained because he had to do work around the barnyard
yellow because he was afraid he would be hit by a ball
And each time he was would go to the big oak tree and talk to the wise old owl.  He told him, When you let your temper get out of control, it does strange things to your body.  You must learn how to control your temper.  Next time you feel like you are getting angry or want to pout, stop and say the magic word, seven times.  What magic word, asked Tom?  The magic word is 'Patience'  When you get upset, say it seven times and it will give you time to think and  help you to control your temper.  Good advice for all of us

 Each of the children were given an apple.  They were instructed to put a toothpick in the apple and put a big marshmallow on it, then add toothpicks with raisins, a toothpick for the beak and one for the gobbler.

 Then they proceeded to put the feathers on the turkey.  They used spice gum drops, pretzels, minature marsmallows, and various other things
 Hyrum and Sam attacking it seriously

 Hyrum finishes his
 Joey and Janaye show their turkeys
 And Lily is done, too!!
There was a final story about the Hare and the Turtle
And Miss Jo finished the story
A very good way to end the day!! And always a reminder to pace ourselves when a task is before us and we will still finish.
Another good Preschool day and I think, lots of fun!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Letter "I" and fun with insects

Miss Jo Dee was in charge today!!  She started the kids out with a little paper work using the short i and short o
 They talked about "i" and insects and put a variety of "bugs" in the middle of the table so they could mix and match and identify them
 We made a spider web on the floor and the children stood on a mat and threw the insects into the web to see if they could get them in the very middle. Joey has a shot
 Sam has a try at it
 Then comes Janaye
 It is always a good time to see if the children can "Follow directions" and this game really puts them on their toes.
 Another good book (Clap Your Hands) in following instructions is fun because they get to march, clap, make noises,
 Sam is showing his sad face
 They also colored a picture with clouds shaped like the upper and lower case "I"'s and they sure were proud of that!!
Here is Lily caught in the spider's web
 Janaye is caught

 Joey is crawling out of the web
Everyone had a really fun day!! They had an extra visitor today, my Son's baby girl!!  Kids always love to have babies come to visit.
Next week we will be getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Maybe some pie making!!

Letter I, iguana, igloo, inchworm

Tuesday morning when Hyrum came into the classroom, he completed the big animal puzzle that we had started on Thursday. With all 6 of us working together on it before, it got confusing as to where the pieces all went, but Hyrum had no problem at all getting it finished.  I knew that he could do it, and he did!!

 Miss Jo Dee read them about Inky Inchworm
 Each was given an egg carton, some paint and a brush and  the fun began! 

 We put newspaper on the table, got out or little water containers, and put on their painting aprons.  We were going to paint our "inchworms"  Joey chose green

 Sam chose orange
 Janae chose gold
 Hyrum chose green
 Lily also chose green

While we waited for the paint to dry, so that we could decorate these little guys, Sam showed us his tape measure and told us all about it.
And Joey showed us his Darth Vader
Then we worked on a paper separating the letter "I" words and the letter "O" words
 Here is Janaye cutting out the pictures to be placed by the right letter  They are all getting better with the cutting process, and so we continue to practice.
 Lily is pasting the octopus next to "o", the igloo next to I, inchworm and invitation .
I had little ice cream cones and wrote the letters that we have studies so far on them.  The letters are C O G A D S L and I flashed them for the kids to guess.  With the incentive of a skittle for each correct letter, it is amazing how many remember the letters!!  Each got 5 or 6 skittles, so they did well.  Now we are working on the sounds of our letters, so that we can begin to put words together, like dad, dog, log

With the inch worms dry, the children then put googly eyes on them and put their colored dots on the bodies. Another completed craft and a fun activity

 Miss Jo read
And another PreK was completed!!