Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Seashells, sea horse and letter "S"

This morning we started with our pledge and the kids are saying it so good, and we really are proud of them  We also sang the days of the week song and again they are doing very well.  We then moved on to observing the room and any changes.  They noticed that the "under the sea" curtain is up and that there are fish on it as well as some octopus.  We then proceeded to talk about the creatures that live under the sea as well as the sea weed and other vegetation growing there.  Then we made some sea horses to add to the water.  We looked through this book and as we found the matching shells, each of the children held it up to the picture
 My daughter in law and son went to the beach and were nice enough to bring us back a bag full of these great shells.  My favorite is the sand dollars

 Janaye liked this one
 as you can see, this one matches
 so does this one
 this was a real beauty
 and this one
 Here are three of our sea horses and you can see the other fish in the back ground

 they got to place the sea horses where ever they wanted and this one is very close to the octopus

 Janaye played with the little dolls in the play room
We traced our numbers from 1 to 5 and each of these kids did very well.  for their age.  We are also working on holding the markers correctly and pressure on them.

 They do recognize the numbers quite well and the writing will come later
Hyrum chose this book to be read.
Janaye wanted to do some fishing with the pole, and as she tried to catch the fish, she got better and getting the magnets hooked together.
They wanted to try to find these ghosts in the rice bags, and found almost all of them before they got distracted
One of their favorite things to do is  match up the objects in the egg cartons.  This one had frogs, bugs, cars,and buttons

 this one had ninjas, dinosaurs,and bugs

matching the puzzle cards is always fun for them
This is one of Hyrum's favorite books

The end of another prek day.  We also played skeleton match.  1 is the head, 2 the body, 3 and 4 are the arms and 5 and six are the legs.  It is hard for them not to have a winner, but the counting on the dice is such good experience for them.  We earned some stars today and they worked well together.  Isn't this what it is all about??

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