Thursday, February 28, 2013

Queen, crowns and kites

Another day with the letters "K" and "Q".  We started out this morning with two of the kids using the Boggle Jr. games.  They caught on really well how to use them, so this is another of the things that I will be using from now until the end of school.

I had them get out their books and we worked on spelling words with vowels, such as hat, cup, fan.  Again, they were given instructions on what to do and they did very well.  The usual problem is writing d and b backwards and they were normal actions.
It is really exciting to see how well they are doing.  The next activity was to decorate a crown with little jewels They really enjoyed this.  We were able to complete it before snacks so that the paste was able to dry enough for them to wear them home.

I was able to tell them the story of the Princess and the pea.   How the prince wanted to marry a princess so his mother and father, the queen and king threw a ball and invited all the unmarried young women to come.  The prince, however, was unable to find one that suited him.  They thought all was lost until one evening it began to thunder, lightning and sheets of rain fell.  Soon there was a knock on the door and there stood a young maiden.The queen got her some dry clothes and prepared her for sleep.  The queen had her helpers prepare the bed and had them place 10 mattresses on the beadstead.  Under all of these mattresses she placed a pea.  It was well known that a true princess would not be able to sleep because she would be so uncomfortable.  Just as the legend said, this young princess tossed and turned all night long, unable to sleep.  When the next morning came, she was black and blue and had not slept much. The queen came to the conclusion that this was indeed a real princess and was introduced to the prince.  Of course, he fell in love and the two married.  What a story, huh?
the kids wore their crowns while I read the book Quiet Quail

The weather has been windy this past week and so the kids were given a kite to take home and hopefully the wind will bring them a lot of joy this weekend
Another good preKinder day.

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