Thursday, February 7, 2013

"P is for Pirates" Aarrgghh

When we finished this I got out the colored pencils and the kids learned how to sharpen their own pencils when they got dull.  We worked on another "P" activity--Pirate Patterns  This was the aabb color pattern and they are learning. . . . . . .

When we finished we took colored sticks that had Pirate sayings on them, two of each saying--Ahoy there, shark bait, scuttle, crows nest, walk the plank
Then we went out to the kitchen for our snacks.  Before we went to the play room, I put several "tattoos" on each one of the kids.. .. . . first step of being a pirate
I had prepared several activities down stairs for them to do.  First was the bean bag throw to see if they could hit the numbers on the pirate map.  Brooklyn was a pretty good throw and won at this activity.
Then we moved on to the next activity which was--two teams, one on each side of the room.  Each child was given their "hook" which was a candy cane.  There were treasures (beads, necklaces) on the floor and each was to take a turn picking up some beads with the candy cane (hook) and getting them into the bucket on their starting line.  When they had picked up every necklace, they got to eat their candy canes
We then moved on to having them each "walk the plank" which was hovering over the ocean below.  Everyone made it across with out falling into the sharks below.
I had hidden coins around the room so each child was given a cup to go scouting for the gold, silver and bronze coins.

The very last thing we did was tack the pirate on to the treasure chest on the wall.  We had a winner who got it almost directly on the treasure chest.  Pretty good for these little pirates

We cleaned up our Pirate activity things and headed up stairs again to put on the last of our pirate apparrell

Each of the kids chose a pirate finger puppet

 AND  Brook chose a prize from the box for completing her card.
Another fun day at PreK and good bye to letter P and the pirates, penguins, pigs and patterning!!

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  1. They were so cute dressed up like pirates when we came to pick them up. They LOVED it :)