Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mickey Mouse, magnets and Mittens

 I am always excited when we get to the letter "M" because we usually do activities with the magnets and the kids have so much fun with them.  And, it was the same with our kids this session.
I introduced the geoboard to the kids and they are still having fun putting the bands into shapes and letters

 Each morning we put our "smellies" (scented lip gloss) on our right hands --they all recognize their right hands now and that is just another step forward.  Why the right hand--the pledge is said each morning and  it requires using our right hands.
 Here Cooper is pointing out the month, days of the week and counting the numbers. Once again, repetition helps them to learn
Brook was not here last week when we gave out our books, so this is the one she got to take home.
For the Letter M we used this  worksheet

just a few of the magnets used

Music--I played my Christmas bells for the kids and they sang along with the music played.  Yes, Christmas is still very evident at my house

Minnie and Mickey Mouse coloring pages

I hope your kids told you the story of the mitten  and how all the animals, one by one, crawled in to keep themselves warm

 This is the book version by Jan Brett  Her pictures are  You can find this on the internet.
And because we had extra time, some of the kids got to use the fishing poles to catch the little magnetic fish with their poles.
 One child used the pole and another called out to them the fish they were to catch.  Some are numbered, some different sizes, and different colors.  They loved this activity and are getting better at their catching techniques each time they "fish"
Well, another day at PreK and a fun time was had by all!

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