Thursday, February 28, 2013

"K" king and kangaroo Kazoo

There was a lot of buzz going around this day.  Even though it is not show and tell day, the kids seem to think it is and are buzzing about the things they have to show.  We had a lot to do, as usual, so we quickly got the group things done spit spat!! 
The kids never cease to amaze me as to what they have learned, so we keep on plugging along.
This morning we cut out the K king and got him arranged on the letter K  Sam really focused on getting his done and was the first to finish so he got to pick a prize.  He chose a little plastic tyranasaurus
 Avery finished second and picked this little star fish.

Monday was my birthday, so Julia sent my favorite angel food cake with strawberries.  The kids convinced me that it also needed chocolate syrup on it,so I tried it, and they are right. It was pretty darned good.
 The flowers are roses sent by my daughter Tammie and are their fragrance is breathtaking
When we went back into the classroom, they decided that they would like to make a human "K"  It is always lots of fun trying to keep them from giggling and wiggling.

Today I gave each of them their own workbook and I am anxious to see how well they can do now that they have learned most of their letters
Show and tell.  Sometimes I take pictures of them and don't realize that their item is not seen in the pic, and today was one of these days. Sorry. . . .  A brought the pirate from her pirate party
 I   brought a cell phone
 And guess who went to Disneyland??
We finished the day with a book full of K words
It was a good  day--then I was off to a birthday lunch with two of my daughters.  What a day!

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