Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tuesday morning we got out our salt boards so that we could practice writing our letters.  I just called out letters at random for them to write and it seemed to work out just fine. 

Then there was clean up and everyone wanted to use the vacuum cleaner  Make a mess,clean it up, and salt was a messy thing
This also gave me an opportunity to show them various ways of getting the salt off the table and back into the plastic bags
Human letter "J"   One backward  one right!! Lots of fun

Paper work   The first was patterning jungle animals  giraffe, rhino, elephant  cut and paste

The next was a jaguar in the center with jellybean shapes and inside them pictures of things beginning with "J" And the last was the house that jack built  I hope the poem arrived home safely so they could recite it to their families. And then there was jiggly juice jello!!

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