Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"W" work and weather

We got off to a good start this morning with some doing puzzles, some on the lite brite and some doing the geoboards.  This week we will be learning to recognize the letter "W"  Only 6 more letters and we will have gone through the alphabet.
After opening exercises, we settled down to the table.  We added one more state to our area of learning--the state of Idaho.

Today we talked about the weather and made a weather indicator, and with magnets on the back, they should be able to put on the refrigerator so they can tell the family what the weather will be for each day.  We need to do more cutting so they can continue  progressing on that skill, and this was a fairly easy one.
They also had to put brads in to the holes and secure them so the spinner will give directions.

We tried something new today.  On the left side of the paper, there is a word finding activity and the word that they were to find was SNOW.  I showed them how to look horizontally and vertically to find the words.  They caught on very quickly and were all very happy to have found all of the SNOW words.

And they also had to find the matching snowmen.  I showed them, through the process of elimination, how to find the two  that were the same and the two that differed in some way.
Then it was play time and today the kids decided they wanted to dress up in the animal costumes.  This gives them practicing getting in and out of clothes and learning to zip them

When we came up from playtime we had show and tell  Ivy showed us her beautiful blue teeth; Brook told us about the sweater she was wearing that was her sisters; Cooper showed us Thomas Train; and Sam showed us his Monster truck and Brigham showed us his cap gun.

Then we talked a little bit about Work and what it meant to work  I played a tape which went along with a book and we read the first half which talked about how we get the things we have, such as furniture and breakfast food.  Be sure to ask the kids  We even practiced milking a cow!!
Another fun day at preschool

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