Thursday, February 21, 2013

"W" words, weaving and work

this morning we started the day with a worksheet that had circles that needed to be filled with words that began with the letter "W".  At the bottom of the page were 6 pictures.  We practiced saying the words and the sound of the letter as well as the sounds of other letters.  I had the children put their hand on their throat and make the sounds of the alphabet.  Then we watched the mouth as the letters were said.  then we cut out the circles with the pictures on them and placed them on the worksheet.  It was a lot of fun listening to the comments the kids made about those sounds.

The next worksheet was coloring upper case W red and lower case W yellow.  I only gave that instruction and was surprised to see that they were able to do that without any other directions.

Some of the kids have a heavy hand and are darker than others.  The important thing is that they are getting their colors inside the lines and are holding heir crayons better to get the feel of writing and coloring.  We did not get the coloring all done before snack and playtime, but were able to finish it when we returned to the class room. The kids have been dressing up this past week and I over heard one child say that she just wanted to be a cowgirl "cause I give a good yeehaw""  Cute, huh?
When  the coloring was completed, I was able to tell them about weaving and showed them a hand woven "throw" made with looms by the Amish in Pennsylvania.
Then we moved on to weaving with paper.

We finished off the weaving by pasting the strips on the edges and trimmed the colored strips.Tuesday we read and listened to a book about work so we were also able to finish the book and see just what they remembered.  They liked being able to listen and turn the pages of the book.
One never knows just what will help the child learn so some new technique or thing like the lite brite.  As long as it continues to help them, we will introduce more things.
It has been a good week!! PreK is a learning place.

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