Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pigs, penguins and Letter "P"

This morning I thought that I would introduce the "Lite Brite" for the kids to make the letter P.  Each child will eventually have an opportunity to use this delightful thing and then they will also have patterns to follow which will be lots of fun!

We took little pictures of penguins and pasted them to the templates for the letter P  When they were all pasted on, they counted them.  Interesting how different they were placed by the kids and how one might have  7 on each letter and the next 12

When we were finished with our pasting of the penguins, we played a game with cards that had objects like these ants   Each one was to call out the object and its beginning letter.  They are doing well with this  Incentive was a ring pop!!

Then down to the play room where they were able to have another turn at "fishing"

While the boys played with the cars and B's head light!!
And the girls played with the "doll house"
And now if any of the kids deny getting a ring pop, I took a picture to prove it, otherwise where did the blue mouth come from??

Another great day with my preKinders.  More fun to come with the letter "P"

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