Thursday, January 24, 2013

words ending in "n"

It is a rainy day here in Arizona, but we got right to the fun stuff and the time passed very quickly.  I started by introducing them to the geoboards and it was a real exciting thing for the kids to learn how to wind the rubber bands around the pegs to make shapes.

Tomorrow is a birth day for  I and so we held up the banner and sang Happy Birthday to her.

We will really be focusing on alphabet recognition and sight words  and today the word "the" was gone over and over and over.  So, please go over it again at home.

We have been rhyming words, too, so as you can see on the page here you have the opportunity to ask them if certain words rhyme.  Have them sound out the words.
Now, today I gave them each a book to take home.  Please look at the page and ask them what they see on the page.  The words will tell the story of the page.  For instance, if there is a dog on the page making cookies, the words might say  On Monday, Dog made cookies in the morning.
Here is A with her book

Here is I with her book--"Is It Alive"  She has already read over it with me, as I have with each of the kids
S got the book Bears, Bears, Everywhere
B got the Cad and Dog book showing them painting
And C got this one about the  Four Seasons
Now, when the kids have read these a few times, they should have them memorized.  Be sure that you point to the words as they are reading them, so they can recognize letters, sounds and wordsl
When they can read them to you they can bring them in to read to the class.

These last two pages you will notice that there are pictures inside the circles.  The first one was a nest.  There was a strip of circles with the word associated with the picture.  They cut out those circles and after telling what the object was, they found the sound it started with, located the word and pasted it in the circle following the object   We are still working on our cutting, as well as learning to put the caps back on the glue when they are finished using them

We sang Happy Birthday, ate Nacho's for our letter N snack and ate chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  We played in the playroom , cleaned up our toys, and returned to the class room to go over the things we learned today.  Am always excited to see the baby steps they are taking in their learning.  Slow, but sure.  Another week in preK and we are still HAVING A GOOD TIME  Thanks!!

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