Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Z" is for zebra

Today we are making a zebra paper bag puppet.
 I told them the story about Zippy Zebra
 We worked a little bit with numbers and colors as there was a different color monkey for each number.
 I gave each child 10 skittles and then pulled out a card of subtraction.  The first card was 7 - 3 =4 and each had to take away that amount.
Then we made zebra bag puppets.

This was Janaye's birthday so she had brought birthday oreos and apple juice.  They were happy to eat that, after we sang the birthday song to her
 I did not know there were such things as birthday cake oreos.  Try them, they are great
 Happy little faces, right?
 act like an animal we see at the zoo!

Thursday is another "Z" day

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