Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day

I did not post pictures for last Thursday because it was basically our Egg Hunt Activities so today will be what we were able to learn about the Earth
 We started thee day with a cutting practice.  These little ones are getting better each week with their cutting abilities.  We first put a smiley face on our right thumbnail so that they could remember that the smiley face looked at them as they were cutting. And, it was there to help them remember which hand they were to use in pledging the flag.
 Hyrum is doing very well with his cutting
 Janaye has improved tremendously since school began
 Joey is doing nicely for a three year old.

 Then we moved on to our lesson on Earth Day.  We started with the creation of the earth and just how it was accomplished in seven days.
 As you can tell by the numbers and lines, the earth was formed with nothing on it; thus the black and white circle.  On the second day the light and darkness, thus day and night.  They had an opportunity to look into a box, into the dark.  Then we put a flashlight (light) into it and they could see the difference between darkness and light.
On the third day the earth was divided and there were lakes and other water bodies and the land
On the fourth day came trees and other vegetation.  On the fifth day came the animals and fish in the seas.  Of course, man and woman were created on the 6th day, and on the 7th day the Lord rested.
 We talked about the planets, the stars, the sun and the moon
 We talked about our love of our earth and how we can keep it clean and care for it.
 Lily has put various colors of pom poms on her picture to show her love
 As did Janaye and the others.
Jo Dee read a book to the children telling them about the vegetation-trees, and how they have long roots that help them get nourishment from the earth to grow.  How the seeds that are dropped on the ground and eaten by animals and birds and how they carry them to other parts of the earth where they grow and become more trees and bushes and other living, growing things.
It is important that our children know about our earth and the beautiful creations we have to enjoy and care for.  We will be talking about recycling and caring for our earth.

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