Thursday, April 10, 2014

Letter"Z" final day

This morning we were reviewing work and other activities we have done through the school year.  Mostly it was a fun time.  I found this 30 piece puzzle of a firetruck to see if the kids could work together to finish it.  They are amazing.  As they were working on it I could hear them say  "There is some blue on that piece, or the lines go the other way".  Hey, they are learning something about putting puzzles together,  I am proud!!
Then I got out some of the tracing letters, lines, and shapes for them This one is just to see if they could tell if they could find the smallest
 This one is to trace the numbers
 We all worked together to work on the puzzles.  One of which was finding the different pictures within a picture
 I worked individually with the older kids to see if they could spell some words.  They really did amazing and so we will continue working on this one
We got out the nuts and bolts and tried to take them apart and put them back together again 
 Janaye hat a new hat and sunglasses to show us for show and tell and here she is working on tracing over the letters of the alphbaet
 another look at Lily and Joey checking out the box
We played a game of number bingo and before they could declare a bingo they had to read back the marked numbers on their cards. 
We read Goodnight Gorilla
 and The Zoo Book
Finishing our letter Z week and of course the visit to the zoo and seeing the zebras.  Another good week at GranJan's preschool

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