Tuesday, April 1, 2014

letter X

X is a hard letter to find things to do with the kids, but they do know how to make an 'X and they use it.  So, the first thing we talked about was xrays.  I showed them some I had taken of my foot when I broke my toes.  It is hard to know if they really understand all that, but we talked about it and they are now exposed to what an xray looks like.
Then I had cut out a big black x and they put white bones on them.  Some of them colored the pages and the x's but they enjoyed it.

 Then they wanted to make an X with their bodies.
 I told them a story about an X who was looking for something that had an x in its name.  He talked to a kitten, abird, a bear, a hat, and a scarecrow and finally found an ox.
 We spelled out each word so they could see if there was an X

 Then they had the wiggles and we drew sticks to see who was to see their "show and tell" objects.  Janaye brought this bracelet she had gotten with a cow on it
 Sam had a key ring with his name on it
 and a flattened penny with Mickey Mouse on it
 Hyrum showed us one of the prizes he had gotten from our prize box
 Lily showed us her Hello Kitty purse
 Then I had placed a big blue X on the floor and I had the kids stand on the x and throw bean bags into this pink container
 Lily threw the rings on to the number pegs and did very well
Miss Jo came and read them a few pages to talk about the x words
 We talked about opposites  "Sometimes I'm Good  sometimes I'm Bad
 A little story about X Ray X whho lived in an X shaped house with X's on it
And the kids held their arms above their heads and made the letter X

There are a lot of different ways to talk about X and this was our way

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