Saturday, April 5, 2014

Letter "Y" yellow, yell, yodel, yak

It was fun to see that one of the kiddoes wore yellow today because he could be our spotlighted child.
This morning we just did not seem to be motivated to do anything until the kids spotted the container of stencils. I have collected some for every holiday and letter and whatevers, so I just got out paper and pencils, crayons, and stencils and they went crazy with anything I pulled out of the box.  Not only did they trace from the inside, the outside, and colored on the inside.  It was so much fun to watch

 I have this box of transportation puzzles and the kids love them.
 Hyrum putting the torn pieces of yellow paper on the letter "y"

 Joey's pieces were a little bigger so it was hard for him to make sure that they did not fall off
 good job!!
 We read a book about ym and yuck and how the yak did not even try to try new foods.  She would just spit it out.  So, each of the kids tried the three varieties of yogurt and were very good about actually trying each one.  They had cinnamon graham crackers to eat with it

 The girls did well, too.
 Blueberry, strawberry and peach
 We are also learning about opposites
 And our fable for this letter is the city mouse and the country mouse.  Tell about the differences they both live with.
We had a great day and I am so glad to be a preschool teacher!!

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