Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter activities

The morning began as usual with putting numbers on the calendar, talking about the weather and putting puzzles together.  The firetruck puzzle seems to fascinate the boys, so why not let them work together putting it together and have some fun? Hyrum started the puzzle and Joey and Sammy joined in as soon as they got here

when the puzzle was all together, the kids were anxious to get busy with the project in front of them. The first was trying to get the mother sheep to her lamb without crossing over a line.  They all did very well with that one.   The next picture had them find the differences in the two pictures and they had no problem finding the differences.
 Then the instructions were to color three of the eggs red, three blue, three pink and one egg their favorite color
 And they were to see how many bunnies there were in the picture and color them.
You can tell that Hyrum  likes yellow easter eggs!

Next I gave them a white sheet of paper, then a strip of green paper.  The green was to be the grass at the bottom of the page.  Then I gave them their choice of various bugs, butterflies, and flowers to put in the grass along with some little decorated eggs.  Then I gave them the chick, the colored eggs and showed how to add them to the page.
Sam chose an orange egg
 Hyrum loves stickers and I had to watch so he did not use all of the ones I put out for them
And Janaye like the purple egg shell for her baby chick 

This book was a hidden picture within a picture, or try to find the bunnies, chicks or colored eggs.  The kids had a great time doing this. 
 This is how a worm wiggles on the ground
 This was an elephant moving his trunk
 And this is the easter charades game.  Each colored egg had a piece of paper with an action they were to do; quack like a duck, wiggle like a worm, act like a monkey, etc.  They had a good time with this, too.
 This is a book of opposites, and as they read the word, like short, they flipped open the square and there was a tall giraffe.  They really enjoyed this while learning their opposites
 And another flip up book was this "Where's my Easter Egg??  What a fun book to end with.

We ended our day with listening to the bells and bid adieu until Thursday when we will hunt hidden eggs in the back yard, play some Easter music, and read some more fun stories.

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