Thursday, April 24, 2014

Plastic egg alphabet chase more about our earth

We started out our day with "show and Tell" so that the kids would get settled down.  For some reason that is the highlight of the day and they can hardly wait to show and tell all about their cherished item.  This is yet another "Star Wars" item.
 Hyrum brought a matchbox car and showed how it really "moves"
 Lily had not item to share but did tell us some interesting things about a birthday party she had attended.
 Janaye brought her little stuffed piggy
 AND Joey brougth another "Star War" character
Then we took the plastic eggs and gave 6 tops and bottoms to each child.  As I lifted up a letter that was to be found, they had to examine their eggs and fit them together correctly.  If they did, they were given m&m's to put in the egg.
Then we talked about the animals and this worksheet had seven differences between the top picture and the bottom picture.

 This maze took them through the galaxy and stars
 Then we chose the correct letters to make words such as hat and lion
 On this side of the board we needed to find the letters of the alphabet
 This is the boxed game if you might be looking for something to use with your child
To end our day we read from the following books about the things that God created for this earth for us to enjoy  Beautiful fish and underwater plantlife
 trees, bushes and other plants
 Plants, animals, fish in the wetlands.
We are so blessed to live on this planet; to enjoy the beauty and learn about all the wonderful things that God created for us.  How important it is to take good care of it, to nurture it, keep it clean and replant when things are removed.

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