Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Letter C and helping baskets

Well, August is past and we begin our month of September.  To begin the month, I handed each of the children a basket which will always remain in their cubby. In this basket are various things that will help them through the year.  I t will also have items in it that, when a child finishes his or her work, she can choose something from her basket to do.  For instance, there is a folder:
 In this folder are the numbers from one to ten which they can use tpo know the numbers in order, or to just learn to write the numbers  It also includes the alphabet.

 these letters and numbers are to help them know the order of the alphabet and numbers.  It also helps them to know the primary colors and to recognize the states

 a shoe with the lace is to teach how to tie, the phone their phone number and the apple how to lace
I told them the story of The stone soup.  Each added pieces  as I told the story.  I told them that the story was to give an example of a big word, which is COOPERATION  /When we work together we can do anything.  In this case, a town did not have enough to eat.  When each family contributed something the whole town got to eat. What will we need to cooperate doing to help our preschool class??
 Playtime and Tripp is playing with the fisher price toys
 Sam and Chase play with the batman cave
 The girls can almost always be caught in the kitchen
 I told the story of the wolf and the three little pigs.  Each was to color them and add the stick so that we could have a puppet show and each was to have a part.

The kids had a very good time today and each one was able to find something  that interested them.

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