Wednesday, September 24, 2014

letter A and Ants

Today we are working on the letter A.  Each one was to cut squares that had a picture of an ant on it.  Then they were to use glue sticks to paste the ants on to the upper case A and lower case A.  Then they could decorate them as they pleased.
First I had a muffin tin and in the bottom I placed a green circle with the numbers from 1-12 on them.  The children were to lace that particular number of plastic ants in each well.
When they had done that, we removed the circle and all the ants in that well to make sure that it was done correctly
 Or project this morning was to cut rows of ants into squares and using a glue stick, they were to paste the ants on to the upper case and lower case A

 We used this game to see if we could follow directions
 And we also played number bingo so that we can learn the numbers from 1-20
A good time today!!

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  1. Tripp LOVES seeing the pictures from preschool! He loves to tell me about each picture and what they did (since he can't seem to remember right after I pick him up). Thanks so much for all you're hard work!