Friday, September 19, 2014

letter g gold and green

Another g day in preschool.  After opening excercises, the children were given templates of the upper case and lower case G.  I had cut up "confetti"-like pieces of green and gold paper so that the kids could paste them on to the letters.
 It was interesting watching each child as he or she finished their pasting

Then I handed out the play dough and we made the letters C  O  and G.  I showed them how to roll out the dough to become snakes to form the letters

 Next we used this work sheet.  They were each given a die and they would  roll it.  Then count the spots on the die and find the corresponding number on the page.  Each was to find each number before they moved on to another game.  We will be working on recognizing letters so you could point them out to each of them
 We were finished and the boys love the geoboard now so they started to put the bands on until it was clean up time and parents were spotted.
Another good day in PreK

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