Thursday, September 11, 2014

Letter O, ocean and octopus

It was a good morning at GranJan's preschool!! The kids were anxious to get started and they noticed new things in the classroom, so off to the races!!!
We ha our usual opening excercises  and the kids noticed that we had big arrows on the map!!  We added the three O states--Ohio, Oklahoma and Oregon.  In our travels this summer I was able to pick up some post cards, so the kids each got a post card from Ohio and Oklahoma. 
Chase noticed the camel on the wall--Shinrai--trustworthy.  We talked about what that meant and if our friends and family were trustworthy and how we can be.
I put a puzzle of the ocean creatures on the table and gave each child five pieces to put into the finished project.  We first  looked at the picture, then established where each creature was on it.  Then I turned it upside down and each one started to put the puzzle together.

 Some tried to put the pieces given them, together alone, but I tried to make sure they would have to look at the whole puzzle to find where his pieces would go  They get better each time we do this.
When the puzzle was complete, I handed each their workbook and we found the page with the letter on it and I read each instruction to them so they could complete each step.
When we completed the workbook page, I gave each one their own dry eraseboard and they were to write upper case O and lower case O on this unlined area.

I gave them each a colored piece of construction paper, along with some foam fishes, some seaweed, an octopus, some sea shells, colored shells and sand so they could make an underwater scene
 Each one was different and was unique to each child
We topped off the day by playing alphabet bingo. We will do this often so they can associate the letters with the sounds.
 They were each given 16 pieces of candy to put on their letter cards. When they said Bingo, they had to tell me the letter to keep the piece of candy.  It is always amazing that when candy is in the picture they seem to be able to remember better!!
So, yet another preschool day and I think they all learned something and had a fun time doing it.
On to letter G

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