Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our body and our feelings

Today we talked more about our bodies, but specifically we talked about our feelings:
The first thing that we did was to put a paper plate on a heavy paper and draw around it to make a head.  We then laced in some yarn to make hair for the head.  There were two plates, so one was to be a happy face and the other a frowny face.  The one I made as an example Tripp told me looked angry, not sad.  They put googly eyes on the faces and smiles, or frowns.  Then they put a tongue depresser as their stick.  We then  asled  "How would you feel if . . .
Or, how eo you feel when. . . .
such questions as:
 Your mom tells you you're going to have a new baby sister or brother?
You break your favorite toy by accident?
Your mother or father spanks you for something you shouldn't have done?
it is your birthday
you have a fever and must stay in bed?
you ruin your new clothes by playing in the mud

 I needed to find out how they are doing at recognizing the upper case letters of the alphabet

We talked about our houses and homes the other day and the kids wanted to have "houses" in the play room, so I set up a few of the tens and they had a good time moving from house to house .
 They also learned about some more feelings--they were hurt when they were not permitted to enter the "house " of one of the other children.

Each day, one of the things that the kids are asked to do is see that their area is cleaned, their chairs pushed up to the table and their work put into their bags.  Here is Chase using the hand sweeper and the floor looks really good!!
 Then we played the body game where they had six body parts and to get the part they rolled a dice, picked that number part and then they had to do the action.  One was to see if they could touch their nose with their tongue!!
We are now ready to start learning our letters.  Tuesday we will begin with the letter "C"

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