Tuesday, September 9, 2014

O is for Ocean and Octopus

The first few minutes was a lot of chattering about the big flooding that the rain on Sunday/Monday caused.  Then we got into our routine.  This morning I introduced them to a scripture that I think is very important and it is John 3:16.  Parents you might help them learn this one.  I learned it as a child and have always remembered it.  The first activity we did this morning was to push pin the picture of a cat on a pillow.  The tail was a big C and the cat was a series of "o"'s  We kept checking the back of the project so that they could see that with pressing the pins inot the paper, on the back was the same picture.  They had a good time with that.  I used a 12" square piece of carpet for each of them to put the paper on so they could use the pins.
This second activity was cutting 8 strips of paper that were to be the eight legs of our octopus.  The circle with the smiley face is the head and they then practiced making the letter o

 I then read them this book for the letter O

And we pointed out all of the things on these two pages that begin with the letter O

 I got this cute little song book that had the music with the songs and we sang a little bit
 Here is my octopus on the ocean curtain. 

And this is the octopus I have hanging from the ceiling.
I am starting to introduce numbers and the kids are doing pretty good with this. 
 And of course, it is prize time and three of the kids got their prizes today for filling their cards of good deeds.  Chase will probably get his on Thursday and they all will have new cards to fill.
I have five very good kids this year and are basically preschoolers--no surprises 
Keep watching--Thursday more letter O activities.

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