Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Learning about our bodies

This morning when the kids were all at their seats, they were given different colored glass pieces to arrange on their pages numbered from one to five.  They really liked putting the different sizes and colors on their papers and it was their real first introductions to placing the correct number of items next to the numbers.

We then talked about our bodies and named the various parts of our heads, torso and limbs.

 I showed them a cast of the teeth
And Ms Jo sang a song with them about brushing their teeth
We talked about our eyes
And our feet

The bones in our body  which is our skeleton

And we looked through a magnifying glass to see the hairs on our heads and our arms

Then we asked them to do several actions that we can do with our bodies, such as crawl, hop, jump, roll and touch our elbow to our knee and lots more
 counting our toes
 giving high fives
We played the Body Game
We learned about our skin--different color, sun tanned,and white
 And Ms Jo read this funny book "Parts" about a little boy who thought his body was falling apart, until his parents told him that what was happening, such as, when he combed his hair some of it came off on his brush;finding fuzz in his belly button (stuffing coming from his body) and various other funny ideas were natural and he was not "falling apart".
We also played bingo and matched the body parts

And, Mz Jo read their favorite book "There was an old woman who swallowed a fly"
A fun filled adventure with lots of action today as we found out just what we can do with the precious gifts we have--eyes, nose, legs, arms, feet, hands and fingers.
Thursday we will be talking about our senses and our emotions.  That should be lots of fun.
Another day at GranJan's  and loving teaching these kids!!

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