Thursday, September 5, 2013

What do I know??

The beginning of a new day--Thursday September 5.  This morning each of the children had something placed on the table and they kept busy until all of them were here.  Then we proceeded with opening exercises.  Saluting the flag, putting numbers on the calendar, etc.
The first activity today was learning where to put the letter tiles to create their names.  At first, Joey had a little trouble, but soon had them put into the right spot

 Janaye was able to find the right combination

 Sammy was the first one to finish but he has had one year of preschool and quickly recognized the letters
 Hyrum will have his done without any trouble, too.
 Lily has a short name and I think she will get her letters right very fast.

Next the children were asked to listen to the instructions for their next activity.  First I gave each one of them a small hand mirror and had them look at themselves.  I asked them what was the shape of their head.  A circle--and each one drew a circle.  Then we looked to see the shape of our eyes and how many there were.  What next?  Why the mouth,of course, and next a nose and then their hair.  This was their first drawing of their faces.  Now we will do this again at the end of the year and see how much they have improved. 

Because Lily was not here on Tuesday, we waited til today to get pictures of the kids for their First Day of Preschool

Each of them was given an apple shape and we showed them how to lace them. We will try this again next week to see if they remember how to do it.

 Hyrum was very excited because his brother told him that Thursday was "Show and tell" day and so he brought his white truck for all to see.
 After snacks, the kids went into the play room to investigate what was there for them to play with
 Guess who was on the phone talking to Mia and Mommy

 The children played this fun Bingo game and as markers we used skittles, which was a bonus treat, too.

Miss JoDee read two books today   Look at me!!  A book about differences and pointed out how we are different
And the second book was by Eric Carle  titled "Do you want to be my friend."

Another preschool completed and some fun and some learning.
I love teaching your children.

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