Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Letter C and Curious George

We are beginning, now to start recognizing the letters of the alphabet.  Our first letter is "C" and so I put together some things that will help them.

First we started out the day by putting their tiles in order to spell their name with upper case and lower case letters.  Each one did that very well, with just a little help.  Soon I will not have to do this as they will know how to spell their name by themselves.
Each one was given their number for the week.  This is to help them learn that number by sight and to help them each to have a turn with our helping hands, which I mentioned before are: prayer, line leader, calendar, weather and pledge to the flag.  You will see here a little stuffed monkey at the base of this cute monkey to represent our Curious George theme for the day.
 You can see that Lily did a super job of recognizing her letters.
As did Janaye
 and Joey
Then we got out our salt trays and were able to make their own designs, as well as the upper and lower case "C"
 This always gets a little messy, but they have a good time with it

 And all did very well with our letter for the day
Each was give a Curious George mask

They are still struggling with their use of scissors, but each time they use them it gets easier for them
 Sam is very good at it and helps some of the others by showing them how to hold the scissors and paper to make it a little easier.
 Joey would rather do it with both hands, but he will get the swing of it
This was a real challenge and I apologize to those who have messy hands , but I thought they would have a fun time with the stamping of various Curious George faces
 Hyrum's really turned out well and I don't think he got much of the ink on himself.
We had a bean bag throw at Curious George.  On one was the upper case "C" and the other a lower case "C" which I would call out and see if they could recognize each.  This was another way to help with their motor skills.  I put a piece of tape on the floor for them to stand on so they could  hit the mark and they all did very well with each throw

We ended our day with the first book written about George and how the man in the yellow hat found him in the jungle, and how his curiosity really got him into trouble. And yes, this group of kids are very curious!!
Another fun day at preK

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