Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our homes, our families and how do I use scissors

Here we are, the end of another week, and what a day.  For some reason a couple of the little boys did not come, but even though we missed them, we were able to learn a few things.
Hyrum was the first one here and got right to putting a puzzle together.  He is very good at it !!
Then the others came in to the class room and were anxious to put puzzles together, too. We talked about our homes and the first thing we did was to work on our shapes.  I put the little house with a triangle roof, a square base, some rectangle windows and door.  There was also a circle which was our sun. Each child had a small dry erase marker which  Each child traced over the lines a couple of times, to see their tracing skills and if they were able to keep on the lines. Then we removed the plastic covering and  the were to color the house.  I showed them that by making short lines, that it kept their coloring in the house and they did very well with this.
 Here is Janae and Lily tracing very nicely
 Hyrum patiently traced his house
 Lily finished her house and was awarded a star for her card
 Janae shows us what she has done
 Hyrum has a green house
 The next thing we did was instruct them how to use a glue "stick".  Introducing them to new methods they are able, later, to figure out the tools they will need to complete projects
 Lily's house is complete with Daddy, Mommy, and Lily
 Hyrum pastes the members of his family placing Abby in his mothers arms

Ms Jo read them this book by Gina and Mercer Mayer , Taking Care of Mom

 And one of my personal favorites "Hush Little Baby"

Ms Jo led us in the song about families--I love daddy, he loves me, etc
 and then went over the shapes and colors (red, yellow and blue) that we have been learning
I have the rooms of the house with blocks to match with the things in each room, for instance bunny slippers and the children were able to make the matches
Today we practiced holding scissors.  With our little smiley face on our thumbs, they were instructed to keep the face in the small hole and the three fingers in the larger hole. clip, open, clip, open.  For a first time they did very well with their rectangle pieces of colored paper, cutting into the paper to make fringes.
 Lily is getting the hang of it and was very proud of her paper
 Janae soon caught on what to do, then wanted to keep cutting when we finished
 Has Hyrum had some experience??  It sure seemed like it the way he clipped those papers

Thursday is show and tell, and Janae brought her baby whale to show.  She talked very softly to tell us the baby was sleeping
 Lily brough her pink and green chicken.
 And Hyrum brought his silver gun
And last, but not least, here is Hyrum playing bingo with, once again, shapes and colors.  They used their skittles for markers and were anxious to get to eat a few.
 Janae and Lily filled their card at the same time!
 One last piece.
Well, another day finished.  We are learning!! We are having fun!! We will be repeating these basics as the weeks go by and soon it will be natural for them         I love preK

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