Thursday, October 4, 2012

Letter "D" Oct 2-4 2012

It is interesting how some weeks just fly by and the kids are full of the 'ol Nick, so to speak.  This was one of those weeks.  There is just some activities that some of the kids just cannot grasp, and this week was one of those weeks.  On Tuesday I thought it would be cute to make a dog out of a tp roll.  The vision just did not get into their heads and, try as they might, there were only two who managed to even come close.  So, though I was a little disappointed, that is one thing I will have to try later on in the school year.
As usual, I had little activities set up for the kids to do.  Here is Brig with ten cards.  On the front were a number of objects and on the back was the number.  For instance, the first card might have been 4 pumpkins, and on the back was the number 4.  Then he was to put them in order from 1-10.   Brook had a puzzle to together.  and the other kids had the abc's to put in order.  One of these activities I made for my own girls when they were in kindergarten and that was over 30 years ago.  Yes, I am a keeper- - - -
Sam showed how his dog looked, and for a 3 year old, he did not do too bad.

This is one of the activities I made over 30 years ago.  These hay stacks had the letters we had already studied and they were the same ones we have done to date (C O G A D) and numbers we have been working with (2-9)  plus there was at least one pumpkin on the game.  The kids really enjoyed this one, especially since they got to eat the skittles after the game.
I guess this one speaks for itself.  One of the wheels has the number of items, and the other one shows the shapes.  Two ways to use one idea.
This is a motor skill--pin the clothes pins on to cards .  For some this is still very hard to do because they cannot seem to squeeze hard enough to slip the pins onto the cards.  This might be one you try at home.
For this one you use an egg carton and put a colored square in each egg holder. 

I used these foam dinosaurs for a match game.  There were six different cards to match and believe it or not, the shapes were not a natural match for some of the kids.

The Lion King puzzle.  Each child is only allowed to put the same puzzle together two times and then they are to move on to another one.  I want them to learn how to match shapes, colors, corners, side pieces, etc and I have many puzzles they can work with.

These watermelon slices have a number of seeds on one side and the number on the other.  They are to put them side by side to make the pieces numbers correctly in order to make a big slice of watermelon.

We are also learning our vowels and their correct short sounds.  a a apple, e e elephant, i i indian,aw aw  octopus, ah, ah, umbrella.    We will learn the long sounds later in the year.

Another of the activities was matching the upper case and lower case letters.  Again, they are the five letters we have learned so far this year.

This was our craft for today.  This is a pumpkin door hanger.  I showed them how to use a sponge brush and they did remarkable after I demonstrated how to use it..  At first they used a lot of paint, but eased up when I showed them what to do.

I forgot to take pictures, so had to chase after them so you could see a few of them  I think that they all did a great job (with a little help from me 'my writing')  The little squiggley things are wires . 
Well, another great week for us.  New experiences each day.  Same things presented in different ways, so they don't get too boring.  I loved the way the pumpkins turned out and hope they will hang some where at their homes so their families can see what good little painters they are.
Yes, preK at GranJans is lots of fun and a little bit of learning.  It was a good week.

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