Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Letter L, shoe lacing, lions, learning left

We started the day off with the kiddos stringing ten beads on to a pipe cleaner and they were put on the LEFT arm of each child , saying the colors, counting and making sure that the bracelet got on to the left arm.

I asked them if they could see any changes in the room.  First, I removed the letters we have already been learning from the west wall above the tree, to the south wall.  We went over the names of the letters.  Then they noticed that there were fall leaves on the tree.  L l, being the letter, leaves being the new addition.  Were there any other changes? The curtain we had hanging from our Under the sea and letter O days, with the sea and the fish was now missing.  Very observant, right?
Next, I got out my basket with numbers and letters of various sizes and colors and  instructed them that I would  hold up a letter and call on a child to tell me the name of the letter or number.  The challenge was for them to get them correct and  the one with largest amount of letters in front of them was allowed to reach into the prize bag.  Today it was Ivy who got the most right.
At the beginning of school we talked about learning how to tie their shoes.  Today being  L day, I brought out a laminated shoe  and lace and we took the shoelace and put it back into the holes on the shoe.  We started on the bottom and put one side of the lace in the left hole, then one side of the lace in the right hole.
The were then instructed to make an x with the lace-right lace goes to the right and the left lace goes to the right hole.  I let them go on their own, but there were repeats for most of them.  When we finally got the laces to the top, we crossed them again, then made the bunny loops and again crossed them and put the left ear into the loop and voila, the lace was tied.  Practicing at home this week will get that skill better and we will continue working with the shoe tying.

I am impressed at how quickly the kids have learned to watch the clock for snack time and play room time.
Today Brooklyn was the line leader
When we came back from the break, we started to work on our Lion activity

This was also a cutting activity--one narrow strip of paper and they were to cut strips for the mane of the lion.  Then they were cut the circles for the face, ears and eyes.  It was interesting to see how differently they turned out.

Along with the Lion as the story of the Lion and the Mouse

They want to use the flannel board story again on Thursday and we will as their creativity is amazing.
Another day at preschool.  Cannot believe that we have been in preschool this long.  Cc-Oo-Gg-Aa-Dd-Ss-Ll letters have been used and hopefully learned.  We are moving right along and having a good time on the trip.  Gosh, I love preschool!!

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