Thursday, October 18, 2012

Letter "S", spiders, salt, states and scissors

As we gathered this morning we worked a little bit on our cutting designs  It has been a week or so since we have done much cutting of fancy designs and I wanted to see just how they would do.  Then it was time for opening activities, and we saluted the flag, put the numbers on the calendar and counted the days and then sang our song for "Days of the Week"  Then we talked about the states that we have been learning so far.  Because we are in Arizona, that is where we started and so today we looked at post cards from Arizona and I bought one for each of them.  Then we moved on to California where we had been given post cards for China town, San Diego, San Francisco, the beach, Disneyland and the ocean with sail boats.
Next we talked about New Mexico and we also looked at post cards from there, moving on to Nevada.  They wanted to look at all of the post cards for the states, but they have the learn the states first, then they get to see what is so important about them.

Somewhere on the internet I found this cute little spider counting book and I divided the kids into two teams and they had to find the number of spiders and place them on the pictures.  This shows 8 spiders on  the moon and

 Since salt begins with "S", today they each got a little tray and we put some salt on it.  They learned that if they gently jiggle the salt around it covers the tray and they can make designs.  First we made the letter "S",
I wrote S O S on mine, next, and we talked about if we are in trouble we can write S O S and try to get help.  They caught on to that concept quickly.

The salt activity was a huge success even to them making their handprints.
B put all of his stings away and was led over to  the puzzle table where he put the hands puzzle together.  Each finger is color codes and had a number on it, so this is a good activity for him.
We talked about Austus and Kupa.  Austus is respectful and our new friend is Kupa.  We talked about what a citizen is and what a good citizen should be and do.  They understand this concept very well.  Parents should go over this with them.

When we did the letter "A" everyone seemed to like putting the ants on the shapes, so I tried it this time with the spiders, and they were still happy, so I was pleased that they also remembered to put little drops of glue on the pages and wiped off the top of their glue bottles so we do not have a mess the next time we do an activity with glue.
I have this balancing game that the kids love.  One of them places their feet on the foot marks on the balance board.  when it is turned on it will tell them to be still and then says a color at which time the push forward on the color.  At first they could not even balance on it, but they are getting better each time and it is one of the favorite things to do and accomplishes their ability to balance.
They love this book, I guess it is because all of these creatures also appear in the "Little Nemo" movie and they are familiar with them.  Besides the fact  that they pull out and that is always intriguing.
A good finish to a really great day at GranJan's prekinders. I enjoy these kids so much and we even had a puppet show to show their creativity.

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