Thursday, October 25, 2012

bottle cap pumpkins, leopard bingo, leaves and seasons

This morning we started by getting out our collection of bottle caps and tracing around them to make pumpkins.  Then on the pumpkins we numbered them from 1-9 and after we cut them out, we pasted them in order on another piece of paper.  The children do better each day with their cutting, though they say it makes them tired.

So, as you can see, Avery did not get all of her pumpkins pasted on her page.  And Ivy asked me if I would put faces on her pumpkins and they turned out really cute.
 Today was Brighams turn at the calendar.  He is very good at pointing the days of the week and getting the days in line.  We have now put the blank shape states on the board so they not only recognize the states in their places, but the shape of each state.  We have now talked about California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas.  they are doing great at being able to tell  them.
then we worked on putting leaves  on the limbs (Brigham informed me that they are branches, not limbs) and the fallen leaves on the ground.  Yes, that is a lizard next to the page.  Avery got the most correct letters today and earned something from the grab bag.
Brook was determined that we make a human L today so Sam, Brigham and Brook had fun on the floor making this letter
I found this cute leopard and put the letters and numbers that we have learned on spots so that we could find them. 
Today was show and tell and these are two of the items that were introduced.
Sammy talked about the motorcycle that he got for his birthday and it is "special" to him and he loves it!
Brigham loves his soft stuffed tiger.  He allowed everyone to feel it and hug it and said it was what he took to bed with him and he loved him and felt safe with it.

Brook showed us her Minnie Mouse slippers
Ivy's ssiter made her this head band with the flowers on it that matched her outfit today.

Avery just loves this book about the seasons and she asked if I would read it to the class and we enjoyed reading things that happened during the seasons.  Starting with spring and the buds on the trees that turned into leaves, dad sharing the plastic pool in the summer, the leaves falling in the autumn time and feeling the chill with chattering teeth, shaking knees and snow on the ground.
Last but not least, we read the story of the grouchy ladybug by Eric Caryle and each was given a little glass ladybug.  One more letter tossed into the letter pool and hopefully in to the little computer in their heads.
It was another great week at GranJan's prek.

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